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I strive to make senior sessions fun and to create memories of this special time.  Junior and Senior Years have so many tough decisions for parents and students.  Let me guide you through your senior session with ease.  We’ll plan your session together and trust me, I’ve got a lot of great options to share.  I’ll customize a portrait session just for your senior.  Let’s capture those portraits that have a glimspe of that little one that you still see in your child and that future adult they are about to become.  Afterward you’ll treasure the high quality professional products that will stand the test of time and bring enjoyment and pleasure for years to come!

Please also check out my Senior Portrait Gallery!  Thank you and I look forward to talking with you soon!  Jeanine

What to Expect


Before the session, we’ll discuss your vision, location, attire, and finer details for your senior portrait experience. I’ll get to know you and how we can create the portrait session of your dreams!

It’s completely normal to feel a touch of nervousness and awkwardness before a professional portrait session. Rest assured, I’ll guide you through the process, and any unease will quickly dissipate. We’ll be joking around together in no time.

My aim is to capture your unique style and personality, so just being yourself is paramount. When we arrive at the chosen location, we’ll review the plan and we’re on our way. I’ll direct you on where to stand, sit, or lean, ensuring you feel at ease and enjoy the experience. We’ll be on the look-out for new spots, new perspectives and we’ll make this session your very own.

Approximately 2 weeks after the session, we’ll have an image premiere and review your images together. This is when products like albums, wall art and gift prints are decided on. Senior portrait sessions are incredibly enjoyable, and with an understanding of what to expect, you’ll find it even easier to relax and have a great time. I trust this guide will assist you on this exciting journey!

Session Details


Meeting in person before your session offers several advantages, but a phone conversation works too. It helps us establish rapport and familiarity. After our
consultation, I’ll provide the booking form and contract for your review. Once the
contract and booking form is complete and session fee is paid we will go over dates and
put you on the calendar.

Once your session is set we’ll delve more into location options. From country, farm-like settings, natural meadows, your hometown to the great city options in Detroit – the choice is yours! Multiple locations can be covered during one session as well.

Timing is the key to capturing stunning photos. The “Golden Hour” around two hours before sunset, casts a warm, golden hue that adds a special touch to the scene.
Alternatively, the early post-sunrise hours can be equally enchanting. Choosing these
times guarantees optimal lighting and exceptional results for your photos.

detroit skyline senior portraits

Session Preparation


Before the Session
Ensure your clothing is clean and wrinkle-free. Have any props you want to include in your photos prepared and ready. Also, be mindful of sun exposure at this stage. Sunburns and tan lines can be challenging to edit post-session, so apply sunscreen
generously and minimize your time in direct sunlight.

The Session Day
The day has arrived! Gather all your outfits, shoes, and accessories, and meet at our pre-discussed location, as finalized during our last consultation. Remember to eat (hunger affects mood) and stay hydrated. Depending on your chosen session type, we might be shooting for a few hours with multiple outfit changes. I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. I’ll demonstrate poses and more. No need to feel nervous! This is my opportunity to ensure you have an enjoyable experience and capture your true self.
It’s all about having fun, sharing laughter, and capturing the best possible photos.

After the Session
About two weeks after your session, I’ll visit your home for the Portrait Viewing & Ordering Appointment. During this time, I’ll present the incredible photos we captured together. Additionally, I’ll bring along samples of the various print products I offer, allowing you to experience the quality and craftsmanship of the items you can select from.


What to Wear

A common question before a senior portrait session is, “What should I wear?” During our consultation, we’ll plan outfits, locations, and your dream photoshoot. Authenticity matters most. Opt for comfortable clothing that truly represents you, whether casual, formal, or reflecting hobbies. You might consider preparing up to 3 outfits (casual, formal, and one that reflects your personality, sport, or hobby). Keep in mind that during the session, we’ll engage in various activities, so comfort is key – whether it’s lying down, sitting, leaning, walking, or even dancing!

Feeling Overwhelmed With Colors? Pick a Palette!

Start by picking 2-3 core colors as your base. Let these guide your choices. Think about rustic reds, warm oranges, rich yellows, deep greens and blues, neutral beiges, creams, blacks, and various shades of grey. These are hues inherent in the natural landscape and can complement any skin tone beautifully in photos. Additionally, factor in tones you’re fond of and colors that enhance your appearance. Your personal style and confidence matter, so choose what makes you feel your best! Give some thought to your footwear choices. Choose comfy shoes, boots, or even go barefoot awhile. Bringing multiple shoe options is a smart move to ensure you have comfortable choices during the session, even if the comfy pair is just worn between stops.


Choosing colors/patterns

Avoid small prints and patterns as they tend not to translate well in photos. Additionally, excessive wild patterns or heavy text/imagery on clothing can divert attention from your face. I suggest solids or uncomplicated patterns like subtle stripes, polka dots or florals for a clean and engaging look in photographs. Avoid neon or super bright colors as the eye will go to that bright color first.



Layers are an excellent method to infuse depth and diversity into your outfits. They allow us to capture the base ensemble with and without the added layer. I particularly appreciate when seniors incorporate sweaters, jackets, and stylish tank tops into their outfit choices, just make sure the base layer does not have a heavy texture that shows through. This approach not only enriches your images but also opens up exciting possibilities for dynamic poses!


Dress for the Season

For fall senior photos, consider incorporating cozy sweaters and jackets. Prioritize comfort, and avoid wearing a summer dress that might leave you chilly. Similarly, showing up in snow boots amidst a flower field and lush green grass would seem out of place. Plan your outfit wisely to suit the season and location.


Define your style(s)!


Fit your Style to your Location

Always consider your session location when selecting your outfit. Will you be at the beach with its neutral tones or surrounded by vibrant fall foliage under a tree? Choose an outfit color palette that harmonizes with the setting. Opt for clothing in shades that complement the background, avoiding any competition between your attire and the environment.



When it comes to a senior session, embracing a variety of accessories is a wonderful approach. When planning your outfits, remember to include accessories! These can greatly diversify your shots. Even with a basic combination like jeans and a white t-shirt, adding bangles, long necklaces, statement pieces, scarves, hats, vibrant shoes, and other accents can elevate your outfit. Whatever you opt for, ensure that the accessories complement your outfits and contribute a chic, refined flair.


Be Comfortable

Exclude items from your closet that cause self-consciousness or discomfort. Opt for clothing that allows for easy movement and comfortable sitting, as our poses will vary. Comfort is key! Our goal is for you to exude confidence and ease in your outfit choices. Choose timeless and classic outfits – you’ll still cherish them in 20 years when looking back at your portraits.

Dress for the Season


Hair & Makeup

I recommend professional hair and makeup services for all my seniors. If possible, having experts handle your hair and makeup can greatly enhance your photo quality. Also, pay attention to your nails – ensure they’re well-filed and clean as they’ll be visible in photos. If you're wearing nail polish, check for chips and consider repainting them before the session. These small details contribute to a polished look in your photos. If you don’t want your nails to draw too much attention go with a more muted color.


Be You!

Be yourself and have confidence. Your choices will shine. I’m here to support you every step. Lastly, include an outfit that mirrors your style, hobbies, or future path. This could be a school or sports uniform or something representing your aspirations. Capture not just your look, but your essence on camera.



I truly enjoyed our photography sessions with Jeanine. She took away all the stress associated with senior photos. After my daughter’s photos in 2019, I knew we would be back for my son’s senior photos in 2022. Jeanine is very talented, flexible with days, times and locations, and works well with her clients, making sure everyone is happy. My daughter had some sports related photos and my son incorporated musical instruments in his photos. I loved how Jeanine worked with them both to get the photos that were so meaningful to them. All the photos exceeded our expectations! We have beautiful wall canvases of both kids along with image boxes filled with photos I display on easels. I highly recommend Jeanine!!

Amy B

“I would highly recommend pArt of Life Photography! Jeanine has captured wonderful Senior Picture memories for all three of my children! Her work is of exceptional quality, including beautiful setting-inspired photos, elegant custom designed Photo Albums, and unique soft touch matte announcement cards! Jeanine is certain to take the time to personalize each photo session based on the individual’s interests and personality, while encouraging a fun photo session! The results of her work are truly amazing and have provided us with products and memories to last a lifetime! Thank you pArt of Life Photography!”

Sheryl C

Part of Life Photography shot my daughter’s graduation photos and the whole experience was top notch. My daughter was nervous about being the center of attention but Jeanine made it so much fun and really captured my daughter’s personality in every picture. The pop up change room made switching outfits super easy. I would highly recommend using pArt of Life Photography.”

Jill L

What is your photography style?

My photography style combines natural and artistic elements to capture genuine emotions and authentic moments. I aim to create timeless and impactful images that tell your unique story.

Can we view a gallery of your recent senior sessions?
You can explore my portfolio on my website and blog here to see some of my recent work.
How long in advance should I book?

It’s a great idea to book your session 2-3 months ahead of your desired date. This ensures we have ample time to plan, discuss ideas, and secure your preferred time slot.

Are there any location or travel expenses?

Depending on your chosen location there may be an additional fee. For long distance locations, minimal transportation (car/flights) and accommodation costs may apply. Destination Senior sessions are amazing! Let me know if you are interested,

What should I bring to the session?

For outfit changes, bring a variety of clothes that reflect your style and preferences. Don’t forget accessories, shoes, and any special props that hold significance for you. Water and a snack can also be handy to keep you hydrated refreshed.

How do I choose a location?

Choosing a location depends on your vision. Natural settings like parks or urban areas with interesting architecture can be great. I have more information above and have information on locations under the Information heading in the main menu above. I’m also here to help suggest locations that align with your desired vibe.

How should I pose during the session?

Don’t worry about posing perfectly! I’ll guide you through poses that are flattering and natural. Feel free to relax and trust that I’ll make sure you look your best.

What if there's bad weather?

I monitor the weather closely in the week leading up to your session. In case of potential inclement weather, we’ll communicate a few days in advance to plan accordingly. Generally, if the forecast predicts a 50% chance of rain or high winds, we’ll reschedule.

Is hair and makeup included?

While not mandatory, professional hair and makeup can enhance your look and provide a polished finish to your photos. It’s recommended if it fits within your budget.

Can I include my family or pets?

Certainly! Including your family or pets in your senior session adds a personal touch. Family members can join for a few shots to celebrate, and pets can highlight a beloved part of your life. Just let me know in advance if you plan to include them, so we can plan accordingly and ensure we capture those cherished moments.

When will I get to see my photos?

You can expect to see your images at your Image Premiere approximately 2 weeks after the session. This gives me time to curate and perfect the images.

Can I order additional prints and products after the session?

Yes, you can! After your image premiere you will be able to order additional prints from the images you have purchased as prints or products, depending on your Collection choice. Announcements/Invitations can be ordered from your custom on-line shop. 

I’m ready! How do I book?

To book your session, simply reach out to me through my contact information. We’ll discuss available dates, and once we’ve settled on a date, I’ll send you a contract to
sign and an invoice for the booking fee. Your session date will be secured once the fee is paid.


Thank you!

I hope that this guide has addressed some of the common questions you may have had. My goal is to make your session an unforgettable memory that you’ll look back on with fondness for years to come. Remember, while the location and outfits matter, the lasting memories we’ll capture together are what truly shines. Your future reflections are of utmost importance, and my priority is to create an environment where you can genuinely be yourself and enjoy the experience. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me directly. I’m excited for the chance to work together!!

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