My new camera has shipped, after a two week delay! – woohoo! I just scheduled another Senior session. I loooove Senior sessions! Ok, I like all sessions but there is something about working with someone that doesn’t chase after squirrels (like my kids!), but I do still love the squirrel chasers!

I’ve also signed up with a new vendor. Let me introduce you to the Modern Knot… A gorgeous, whimsical frame vendor with plenty of shapes and colors to choose from. In addition to the single frame shapes posted below they have collages that hold a row of photos or a combination of shapes and sizes in different layouts. I am sooo going to update my photo wall at home with some of these frames. I’m thinking of three to flank a large canvas. I think they will look great together. If you see something you like let me know. Or if I can hep you layout a wall collection of your own I’m game!