Winter Portraits Rochester Michigan

Winter Portraits Rochester Michigan

These girls just wowwed us for their Winter Portraits Rochester Michigan!  I joined another photographer friend for this session.  She had rented the gowns and scheduled the girls to model the dresses.  I helped with the locations.  I thought this spot in Rochester would be just right and we also knew that our main plan was for Big, Bright Light Show portraits with the girls too.  I’m sure you’ll want to check out that post too!

Winter Portraits Rochester Michigan

We started at this great location with lights!  They girls, of course, brought even more glow!  I just love these gowns and the girls look sooo beautiful.  Quite an elegant spot for these lovely girls in their elegant gowns.


Winter Portraits Rochester Michigan

Winter Portraits in gowns Rochester Michigan

We walked over to the Clinton River Trail for some more winter portraits.  Rochester has so many great locations.  We of course found a few for our Winter Portraits Rochester Michigan session. We also had a beautiful sunset on this night after some grey days.  For these top two images I used my off-camera flash so I could expose better for her and the sky, which allowed me to capture more of the colors in the sky.  Sorry, had to geek out for a moment there.  These girls were such great sports since it was cold night.  But you wouldn’t know to look at them, they just look beautiful and serene in their beautiful gowns.  Thanks Summer and Isla!

Are you ready for your winter portraits?  We can incorporate them into your session and meet up for awhile in the winter and still do your full session in the summer and fall.  I do not charge a separate session fee.  Winter sessions are so much fun.  I had a session with a fun senior just today.  We had fresh fallen snow and it really makes for a gorgeous, soft background.  After a mostly dry day the flakes gently fell for at least half of her session, perfection!  I’m so glad she had a good time and has these images to bring her back to this special time in her life.  Let’s plan a session together and create one of the highlighted times of your senior year!



Rochester Big Bright Light Show Portraits

Rochester Big Bright Light Show Portraits

Ah!! These young ladies rocked their Rochester Big Bright Light Show Portraits!  Summer and Isla donned these beautiful gowns and brought even more glow to the Big Bright Light Show.  The Big Bright Light Show in Rochester has a special place in my heart since this is my home town.  The lights turn on in November and it’s truly magical to drive and walk through downtown Rochester.  I still enjoy this special light show, year after year.  It felt so great to share this light show with Summer and Isla and know these beautiful images would be treasured for years to come.  I love providing happy memories for these girls and their families with these unique Big Bright Light Show portraits.  If you haven’t been to Lagniappe, the opening night of the Big Bright Light Show you should put it on your calendar for November 22, 2021.  It will be great to have this special event back!  Lagniappe means ‘a little something extra’ in Creole so come enjoy carolers, treats from stores, reindeer and more, and then the flip of the switch turning on the lights for the season.  I’ve been photographing Rochester Michigan’s Big Bright Light Show a few times.  I also sell Big Bright Light Show ornaments, easel prints and wall prints.  These are great gifts for your Rochester loving friends and family near and far.

Rochester Big Bright Light Show Portraits

I have a hard time deciding which colors are your favorites but it’s probably the blue and teal.  They made the perfect backdrop for Summer in her blue gown.  I also love the candy cane colored backdrop for Isla in you gorgeous green gown with red plaid muff.

Rochester Big Bright Light Show Portraits

Rochester Big Bright Light Show teen photo session

Big Bright Light Show Portrait Session Rochester

Big Bright Light Show teen Photo Session

Rochester Big Bright Light Show Photo Session

High School Seniors, the Big Bright Light Show would be a great spot for some of your senior portraits.  Talk to me about how we can include this into our plan.  These winter portraits are a great addition to your summer/fall sessions.  A snowy senior portrait session is also beautiful and lots of fun!  If you search ‘snow’ from the search option in the main menu of my website your will see more great examples!


Teen Portrait Session: destination Charleston

Teen Portrait Session: destination Charleston

Teen Portrait Session

One of the highlights of Spring Break was this teen portrait session; destination Charleston.  I loved everything about Charleston!  I’ll be doing some more posts about that trip with both nature and historical charm and of course flowers, as well as a dance portrait session.  My daughter is a big history buff and loved Charleston too.  You can’t deny that the city has a ton of charm as well.  The window boxes alone were fantastic and that they graced charming buildings was just a bonus.

Shopping for Teens

I love to share shopping tips.  We found this outfit at Francesca’s.  It’s like a boutique but it’s a chain store.  Each one is unique though and they only buy one or a few of each piece of clothing so you won’t see ten (or more) people in the same outfit.  The jacket was purchased in Michigan during a buy one get one at 50% off sale, which is common.  The dress we found in Charleston on King Street.

Customized Teen Photo Sessions

I love teen portrait sessions!  They are both a glimpse of the past and future!  It’s a great time for portraits, spaced out a couple years before senior portrait time – gasp!  Charleston has beautiful backdrops galore!  I think it’s time to plan a destination photo shoot there!  Who’s in??  Seriously, flights are not too high and it would be a blast!

Don’t let these times as a young teen slip by.  Show them how special they are with a customized portrait session.  Schedule a trim or a blow-out or style for the same day and really make an event out of it!

Contact me for more details!  


Teen Style Photo Session

Teen Style Photo Session Charleston Teen Style Photo Session Charleston

Teen Style Photo Session destination

Teen Style Portrait Session

Teen Style Portrait Session

Teen photo session with skirts in Detroit

Teen photo session with skirts in Detroit

We all had so much fun at this Teen photo session with skirts in Detroit!  We glam-ed it up for a fun photo session in Detroit.  I knew the marble steps at the DIA would be the perfect place for these lovely young ladies, all dressed up!  We stopped in for blow-outs at the Capelli Salon in Rochester.  Then we grabbed some skirts and headed downtown Detroit on a beautiful early summer evening.  We had so much fun picking new spots and sharing some laughs.  These girls have known each other all their lives.  It was fun to commemorate their friendship and their upcoming start of high school with this fun photo session.  Before we left the DIA and headed to Eastern Market they did some twirling in front of the arches.  I’ve got more to share as I also did separate portraits for each of the girls so check back in soon.  I wish I could have done this with my friends when I was a teen!

glamour teen photo session in detroit


Teen photo session with skirts in detroit


glamorous Teen photo session with skirts in detroit


teens laughing detroit photo session


teen twirling dancing detroit


teen skirt photo session in detroit

Are you ready for your photo session with one of the long skirts in my style closet?  It’s fun to add on to sessions for high school seniors, teens, sisters, mom and daughters,…  I’ve got six colors to choose from so grab a friend and let’s plan a photo session just for you!  You know you want to be part of pArt of Life Photography’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirts sessions!!

Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Ah!  To be a dancer!  I just loved this Dance Photography Rochester Michigan photo session.  Kyra loves ballet and has worked hard to be ready for pre-pointe then pointe ballet classes.  I don’t know how they do the move they do, while up on pointe.  She learned from a rough start on the wrong shoes and is now loving her new Suffolk pointe shoes.  If you are looking for a great filling we recommend Fanci Footworks in Shelby Township.  I think this session with Kyra really shows her passion for dance.  I love the quiet moments when she sat lacing up her shoes.  Now to decide how many of these images will grace her walls.  I think we’ll going with a canvas hanging print.  It has a weathered strip of wood at the top and bottom of the beautiful canvas.  I think the image with her trying her pointe shoes will look spectacular on canvas.  For the rest we are going with specialty silk prints.  I can’t wait!

Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Here is one of the portraits from her dance photography session.  I just love it!

Teen Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Ballet Shoes of her Dreams!

Aren’t these images so dreamy?  I love the softness.  I hope these inspire many dreams when the print is up on her wall!  I think it will divine as a specialty silk print.

ballet pointe shoes compilation

I just love the feeling in this one.  The more dramatic lighting worked perfectly here.

Teen with ballet pointe shoes


We also did a few images of Kyra in action!  Have I already said that I’m excited that she has these images now to boost her self-confidence and to look back on for years to come?

teen ballet dancer en pointe

dance photography

quiet moment with ballet dancer in pointe shoes


I got a little creative and added a texture to this one.  I loved it so I went back and added that touch to more of the images.  What do you think?  I’d love your comments below.

dramtic teen head shot of dancer

Is it time for a photo session that captures the passion of someone you love?  What is your teen or high school senior into these days?  Dance, sports, books, theater,..  I love the boost in self-confidence that quality portraits and products can give to kids at these ages.  It’s also great to capture this changing time in their lives to look back on forever.  Let’s chat about what you would like to capture and we’ll make a plan together!  The sessions are so much fun and will be great memories themselves. For other sessions see our Teens or Senior Gallery.

We can get started right away so contact pArt of Life Photography!



Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester

Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester

Meet Jordan at her Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester!  Jordan is a Junior at Adams High School.  It was nice getting to know her as we took a walk along the river trail.  We scouted out some really cool spots.  It’s fun to re-visit common fair weather spots and see how they look adorned in fresh snow!  Jordan brought along the perfect coat and accessories for her snowy session.

Rochester Adams Photo Session

Jordan hiding in snowy grasses in Rochester Park


Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester

We made it through the fresh snow and followed the Paint Creek trail for awhile.  I love this walk-way that Rochester spruced up a few years ago.  It’s especially gorgeous in the snow.  It’s so cool that by following the winding stairs down from the hustle and bustle of Rochester Road you can be in this beautiful natural oasis.  Turn one way and you are not too far from the Rochester Municipal Park or turn the other way and the trail follows the Paint Creek behind the library and on to the Macomb Orchard Trail and the Clinton River.

Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester


beautiful teen having fun snow photos at rochester park

If the weather co-operates we might be able to do more snow photo sessions.  If not, there is always next year!

Let’s plan a session to include your favorite things; your favorite season, or sport, your favorite spot to chill or one that shows what you do for fun!  Are you a hometown person, or more into the look and feel of a big city?  Want to have a friend join in for part of your senior session?  Let me know what you and we’ll work out a plan to make it happen.  It’s a great time of life to capture forever!  And for more inspiration and tips on a Teen session check out the pArt of Life Photography Senior Magazine.

Ready to Contact pArt of Life Photography?  Thanks!  I’ll be in touch soon!