Senior Prom Photo Session

Senior Prom Photo Session

A Senior Prom Photo Session are a great way to savor this day that so much thought and planning goes into.  Hang on to this special day with professional senior prom photo session.  These senior prom portraits are sure to be treasured.  I’d love to help with some tips along the way with prom planning and finding the right gown or suit.

My daughter starting shopping for a prom dress in January of her senior year. is a great on-line choice and she ordered one from there in a beautiful wine color.  It was beautiful but she continued her search.  She is very into nature and loves flowers and somewhat of a sweet, simple vintage feel.  We googled dresses with floral overlays and came across this dress found at Reformation.  She fell in love with it!  As a photographer for both weddings and portraits I have come up with a list of a couple things to look for or avoid in special clothing.  Once we saw the dress in person we were really impressed.  I liked that the seam of the dress was not right at the top but at least a 1/2″ inside the dress.  I’ve noticed clothing in the past that curls down due to the seam so that issue is resolved with this dress.  The back was smocked in the back making for a comfortable dress that moves with you.  When buying an dress don’t just make sure it looks good while standing straight but with moving, sitting, bending…    I also liked how the slit overlapped.  The soft satin material and sweet floral print was just right for my daughter’s style.  Another big reason she chose this dress is Reformation’s reputation as a sustainable women’s clothing company.  All this means a lot to my daughter, making this a great choice for her, as well as fitting into our budget.  For men’s suits I also recommend Milano Tailor.  They have a great selection of suits, at a great price and it includes tailoring.  This business is so well run.  My sons have gotten a lot of use out of their suits.  If you are not local to Rochester make sure to search out your local tailors and see if they sell suits.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for prom.  Decide if you want to spend the money on professional hair, makeup and/or nails.  We decided to go with professional hair styling at Ruby and Clover Hairdressing in Rochester.  We wanted a hair style to last through the evening and we felt that after the right dress the hair was the next most important thing.  My daughter did her own makeup and nails.  She did a variation of a french manicure with sage green tips.

Senior Prom Photo Session

For this Prom Photo Session we made a stop at a covered porch since we were not so lucky with the weather that day.

Prom Photo Session


Rochester Senior Prom Photo Session


Special Event Prom Portrait


Prom Portraits Michigan

I hope this has been helpful to you in planning for your son or daughter’s prom.  Don’t forget the prom portraits!  I’d love to help with your child’s senior portrait session and help with the processes from beginning to end!  From What to Wear and How to Prepare to great products with your portraits I’m here to help!

Senior Graduation Celebration

Senior Graduation Celebration

Senior Graduation Celebration

Before we know it, it will be time for Senior Graduation Celebration!  There may be snow on the ground in Michigan today but it’s going to feel like Spring starting tomorrow.  Before you know you will have a months full of events like Senior Honors Convocation, Prom preparation, Senior Walk, Graduation, Senior All Night Party and then Graduation Parties and Senior Open Houses.  Now is the time to focus on what special items you want to commemorate your senior, show them how proud you are and to have keepsakes from this special time.  I’d like to help and share some solutions with you, of products that can help you do just that!  We like to focus on the items that you will have as keepsakes, beyond the things that will be thrown away after the party, passed on to friends, or stored away.  Another great way to savor your party is to hire a professional photographer for your event.  So rent your tents and tables and don’t forget these great touches for your Senior Graduation Celebration.


Custom Graduation Announcement Cards

Our custom graduation announcements and party invitations are sure to stand out.  These two sided cards can provide graduation announcements or party information while one side provides a great keepsake for family and friends.  I’ve have a lot of designs to choose from, or we can design a custom card together.

Cards and Announcements

One of my professional print labs also has great gradation cards that you can customize on your own.  Let me know if you would like a link to a custom store just for you.

Senior Graduation Signing Boards

Senior Graduation Celebration Signing Boards are a great party item where guest can sign and dd their best wishes!  Brings back sweet memories, and the feeling of support by friends and family, for years to come!  Also a fun conversation piece in a dorm or apartment.

Senior Graduation Celebration

Senior Signing Board

Senior Yard Signs and Banners

Senior Yard Signs and Banners show your pride in your senior and congratulate them on their accomplishments and wish them well on their future path.

Senior Banner Senior Yard Sign

More samples of these products can be found on my website in the Client Lounge area on the main menu of my website.

Yard Signs and Banners

Fine Art Products

Professional Event Photography

You’ve put in the work planning the perfect party.  It passes so fast, remember your wedding?  It’s a great idea to have a professional photographer at your event to capture your Senior Graduation Celebration and all the details you have put together to celebrate your senior.  Capture that collection of sports jerseys, t-shirts from plays, band camp and more.  Savor the sight of the table adorned with recognition from high school events, certifications and academic awards.  Even more importantly capture your high school seniors support team, made up of family and friends that supported you and them through the years and have joined together to celebrate your high school senior.  Enjoy your party and let a professional photographer capture your event.  Ask about the best way to preserve these images from your graduation celebration.

Senior Portraits with Personality

Your High School Senior’s portrait session shouldn’t end with digital files that you may lose track of over time.  We all lead busy lives so let’s get those images printed and enjoyed now and for years to come.  I hope you have the wall art you can look at to bring a smile to you every day.  I hope you have an album to take enjoy when you need trip down memory lane, or when that college friend comes to visit, or share moments together with family and friends.  Thank you to my clients that have let me enter their lives and get to know their senior and have worked with me to bring you these images of this special time.  And to those with upcoming seniors just looking to figure this all out… Welcome!  I look forward to getting to know your senior and walk you through the process, to answer all your questions, and make this a great experience for you and your high school senior.



Seniors Class of 2022 Video

Seniors Class of 2022 Video

Let’s celebrate with this Seniors Class of 2022 Video!

It was such a pleasure capturing Class of 2022 senior portraits.  I’m honored that you chose pArt of Life Photography.  Come and see just what fun they had!  I love getting to know my seniors.  It’s great to hear what classes they are taking and what their plans are for the future, even if they don’t have a sure path yet, which is totally understandable in my book.  I ask them about clubs and maybe a part time job.  It’s great when they can forget to be self-conscience and just enjoy themselves.  And the corny jokes are always free!  I bought this Senior 2022 sign on Etsy and it was fun to hand it over during the session for each one to commemorate their accomplishment and their own role as a member of the Senior Class of 2022!  Cue the confetti!

Let’s all celebrate that the Class of 2022 is in their final stretch of high school.  College applications have been submitted and pretty much any grades that their college will look at are behind them.  Now’s it time to talk Spring celebrations and graduation.  By they way, there are custom cards to help you announce that. 🙂  So parents, sit back and enjoy and congratulate yourselves.  You have been through enough with checking on college applications, making sure they eat and sleep and so much more.  I strive to make the senior portrait experience a smooth process to be enjoyed by your senior and you!  Now you can also breathe a sigh of relief and flip through the gorgeous images in the album created for your senior, hang those portraits on the wall, or admire that captured look that you love in that beautiful matted print on display in your windowed wooden folio box, that one with the black velvet inside holding your other matted print treasures!

Seniors Class of 2022 Video


Parents of the Class of 2023 and beyond I’d love for you to check out the pArt of Life Photography senior portrait gallery.  Let’s talk about the experience and begin planning your custom senior portrait session!

Urban Detroit Photo Session

Urban Detroit Photo Session

Are you looking for an Urban Detroit Photo Session?  Let’s chat!  I know my way around the great city of Detroit and would love to help you find just the right spots to showcase your high school senior or family!  Detroit has so much to offer for photo sessions.  We can find greenery, vivid murals, great architecture from historic to modern and so much more.  Our city has such a great vibe.  Let’s tell your story with an Urban Detroit Photo Session!  In addition to getting you to just the right spots we cover clothing choices in our pre-session consultations and I can answer any questions you may have.  When multiple outfits are going to be worn we’ll plan out what will look the best in the different locations. Being fully pre-pared for a session helps take care of any pre-session jitters and stress.  Let chat and work out the perfect plan.  Then it’s just down to relaxing and having some fun on photo session day!  Some sessions we even take a quick break at a bakery or I point out some favorite restaurants.  Lots of people see new gems that they want to come back and visit!

Who’s up for the vibrance of Eastern Market?  Who loves a Detroit Michigan vibe or skyline?  Who loves architecture from historical to modern?

Urban Detroit Photo Session

detroit senior pictures

Here are a few more fun-filled Urban Detroit Photo Sessions, first up is Kate’s Detroit Senior Photo Session and Franni’s Grosse Pointe Seniors Session in Detroit.

Haven’t seen enough of Urban Detroit Photo Session?  I have a page of locations for Detroit Photo Sessions from our great city so check them out below.  I’d love to chat about an Urban Detroit Photo Session for you high school senior or family.  If you are a business person in or around Detroit let’s talk about an urban Detroit headshot or personal branding session.


Dahlia Farm Senior Portrait Session

Dahlia Farm Senior Portrait Session

Dahlia Farm Senior Portrait Session

In September I had the pleasure of doing a double Dahlia Farm Senior Portrait Session at Summer Dreams Farm in Ortonville.  These two girls booked a friends senior portrait session together, which is a great way to share the time at Summer Dreams Farm.  Before the session I talked to each girl about outfit choices and accessories that would work great with this location.  In regular pre-session consultations I also go over  different location options and what type of clothing works best at the different locations.  Some outfits work in multiple locations so we may use those at the end of one location and then the beginning of the next location.  The topic of this location came up in one of the girl’s consultation.  They were looking for a spot with a lot of flowers.  Since I’m always on the lookout for new, unique locations I pay a lot of attention to spots near and far.  I work on staying up to date on any of the location’s restrictions and permit/usage fees. For this session the girls each brought a couple outfits and since I always bring a pop-up changing tent to photo sessions we were all set!  Don’t forget accessories!  Kyra brought along a great hat for a flower field photo session and I brought along the teal chair.
We explored the gorgeous flower fields and the girls enjoyed choosing different spots based on the colors they wanted included in their Dahlia Farm Senior Portrait Session.  We may have taken some time to just soak in all the Wonderfull-ness surrounding us on this summer evening in Michigan!  I couldn’t believe all the different colors.  In some spots the variety of different colors was just amazing.  If you have a chance to visit the Summer Dreams Dahlia Farm I highly recommend it.  Even better would be let’s talk about your very own dahlia farm senior portrait session or a dahlia farm family portrait session!
Dahlia Farm Senior Portrait Session
Dahlia Farm Senior Portrait Session
Peach Flower Field Photo Session Rochester Michigan
Let me help you through the process of a fun-filled, customized Senior Portrait Session.  Check our the pArt of Life Photography Senior Gallery and the Fine Art Products that we are proud to help you decide on what best suits what you are looking for to display and cherish your senior’s portraits.  Thank you and I look forward to working with you!
Utica Macomb Senior Portraits

Utica Macomb Senior Portraits

Ah, what a fun session for these Utica Macomb Senior Portraits!  Molly attends Utica High School and it was so awesome capturing her senior portraits. After talking with Molly and her mom we decided to go to Detroit for her senior portraits.  Molly wanted some fun, bright murals for a backdrop for some of her portraits.  I thought the DIA would be another perfect spot for her.  Since Molly is a gorgeous contemporary and ballet dancer I encouraged them to bring along her pointe shoes as well.  She has had professional dance portraits taken at her dance studio but we wanted to incorporate her love of dance into this story for her since it’s such a big part of her life. We lucked out with a beautiful evening in Detroit when the weather apps suddenly called for the chance of rain. Lucky for us the rain went north.

Utica Macomb Senior Portraits

Isn’t the classy glamour of the DIA the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous girl? From the fountains out front to the soothing cascading stepping stone water feature to the abundance of white and grey marble walls, arches and steps – what a place to showcase this classy girl!

ballet senior portraits

After DIA we took a drive to Eastern Market’s infamous murals.  We took a quick drive around to show Molly her options and select some murals that appealed to her.  What a vibrant place, so suitable for the girl full of personality.  Wouldn’t you agree?

After Eastern Market we hit the heart of Downtown Detroit for some flowers on Library, a stop at Parker’s Alley and up to the rooftop of the Z Garage.  A great circle tour of this vibrant city!

utica macomb senior portraits

utica senior pictures in detroit

Have you checked out the pArt of Life Photography Senior Gallery?  I’d love to chat about a senior session just for you!  And browse through some of the Fine Art Products we offer.  We’ll walk you through the whole process so that you have amazing prints, wall art or an album to be treasured for years!!

Whether you are a Macomb High School Senior, Oakland High School Senior or beyond we can help you out with your Metro Detroit Senior Photo Session!