Senior Photos Shopping Inspiration

Senior Photos Shopping Inspiration

Senior Photos Shopping Inspiration

I love helping high school seniors decide on or find just the right outfit for their senior portraits.  We love to help with shopping ideas for senior portraits.  Today I’ll share some Senior photos shopping inspiration for you with help from a local boutique, the super stylish Hello Fancy Boutique in Rochester Michigan.  For this senior photos shopping inspiration session, Lily and Clara were our fabulous models.  They put on a few different outfits and we hit the streets in downtown Rochester for their photo session!


Senior Photos Shopping Inspiration

Senior Portraits Rochester

Outfit ides by pArt of Life Photography and Hello Fancy Boutique


shopping ideas for senior portrait

senior portraits with friends

rochester michigan senior portraits


When it comes to senior photo sessions, finding the perfect outfit is crucial. After all, these photos will be treasured for years to come, and you want to look and feel your best in them. Here are some tips for shopping for your senior photo session outfit:

1. Start by considering the location of your photo shoot. If you’ll be taking photos in a park or natural setting, you may want to opt for something flowy and bohemian. If you’ll be taking photos in an urban setting, a more edgy and modern outfit may be appropriate.

2. Think about your personal style and what makes you feel confident. If you’re a fan of vintage clothing, consider incorporating some retro elements into your outfit. If you love bold colors, don’t be afraid to go for something bright and eye-catching.

3. Consider the weather and time of year. If you’ll be taking photos in the fall, for example, you may want to choose an outfit that incorporates warm tones and cozy textures.

4. Don’t forget about accessories! A statement necklace or a pair of bold earrings can really elevate your outfit and add some personality to your photos. 5. Finally, make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit. You want to be able to move around and pose without feeling restricted or self-conscious. By following these tips, you can find the perfect outfit for your senior photo session and feel confident and beautiful in your photos. Happy shopping!

Senior Portraits with action!

Senior Portraits with action!

If Senior Portraits with action are what you are looking for I’d love to help you out with incorporating that into your senior portrait session.  I was so excited when a new inquiry said that they were looking for senior portraits with mountain biking and came across my website.  She may have seen this mountain biking senior portrait session from Stony Creek Metro Park.  Here is a photo from that Senior Portraits with Action session.

senior portrait with action

And of course we did some more traditional portraits as well.

mountain bike senior portrait


A previous senior asked me the other week if I could get some action shots of him mountain biking.  Of course, especially since this one was my son.  Off we went to Stony Creek Metro Park to hit the mountain biking trails!

mountain bike senior portraits

senior portraits with action

I’d love to help you incorporate what you love, including some action shots, into your senior portrait session.  Whether you are into running, mountain biking, skate boarding, or something else I’d love to capture you in action.  Spice up your session with Senior Portraits with Action!

Senior portraits with what they love!

Senior portraits with what they love!

Senior portraits with what they love are sure to be some of the portraits that are your favorites!  It’s great to pay tribute to what was such a big part of their high school years, and of course some of those loves go back even farther.  Let’s talk about your session and see how we can incorporate what is a big part of your senior’s life.  There is no end to what can be featured in your child’s senior portraits.  Are they into record players and music, books, their pet, a sport or two, or more?  I’d love for you to check out this video with portraits that incorporate what they love, or a special prop that represents something they love.

Senior Portraits with what they love!


I’d love to plan a unique session for your senior with what they love or a special place that resonates with them, or their interests.  Senior portrait sessions are not one size fits all.  I like to get to know your senior and design a session just for them.  We’ll talk about clothing choices, location options, props and much more.  A well planned session makes for a pre-pared, relaxed, fun and memorable senior portrait session.  I’d love to talk and see how I can help you and your senior plan just the right session.  We can also talk about products like wall art, albums, custom announcements/invitations and more!  You can see many specially selected pArt of Life Photography Fine Art Products here.

Senior Portraits with what they love!

senior portrait with car detroit

senior portrait with what they love


Fun Senior Portrait Sessions in Rochester MI

Fun Senior Portrait Sessions in Rochester MI

Ready for Fun Senior Portrait Sessions in Rochester MI and Beyond?

Class of 2023 it’s your time to shine!  Get ready for fun senior portrait sessions in Rochester MI and beyond!


Experience the difference with pArt of Life Photography!  You’ve dealt with SAT and ACT test prep and test dates, FAFSA and college searches so relax and enjoy senior portraits with pArt of Life Photography.  From beginning to end you are led through the process in a fun, and painless way.  We supply a senior magazine with great tips to get you prepared which leads you to a fun and relaxed senior portrait session.  After you see your images and select your favorites we specialize in helping you find just the right products so you will enjoy those images in just the right way, from beautiful albums to wall art, to gift prints for family and special friends.  And in the spring we’ll set up a storefront with your favorite images and you can customize announcements and invitations.  We’ve got your back from beginning to end!

Check out some samples of our senior photography.  When you are ready for fun senior portrait sessions in rochester Michigan and beyond give us a call!  Jeanine 248 953-0043

fun senior portraits around rochester MI



Senior Prom Photo Session

Senior Prom Photo Session

A Senior Prom Photo Session are a great way to savor this day that so much thought and planning goes into.  Hang on to this special day with professional senior prom photo session.  These senior prom portraits are sure to be treasured.  I’d love to help with some tips along the way with prom planning and finding the right gown or suit.

My daughter starting shopping for a prom dress in January of her senior year. is a great on-line choice and she ordered one from there in a beautiful wine color.  It was beautiful but she continued her search.  She is very into nature and loves flowers and somewhat of a sweet, simple vintage feel.  We googled dresses with floral overlays and came across this dress found at Reformation.  She fell in love with it!  As a photographer for both weddings and portraits I have come up with a list of a couple things to look for or avoid in special clothing.  Once we saw the dress in person we were really impressed.  I liked that the seam of the dress was not right at the top but at least a 1/2″ inside the dress.  I’ve noticed clothing in the past that curls down due to the seam so that issue is resolved with this dress.  The back was smocked in the back making for a comfortable dress that moves with you.  When buying an dress don’t just make sure it looks good while standing straight but with moving, sitting, bending…    I also liked how the slit overlapped.  The soft satin material and sweet floral print was just right for my daughter’s style.  Another big reason she chose this dress is Reformation’s reputation as a sustainable women’s clothing company.  All this means a lot to my daughter, making this a great choice for her, as well as fitting into our budget.  For men’s suits I also recommend Milano Tailor.  They have a great selection of suits, at a great price and it includes tailoring.  This business is so well run.  My sons have gotten a lot of use out of their suits.  If you are not local to Rochester make sure to search out your local tailors and see if they sell suits.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for prom.  Decide if you want to spend the money on professional hair, makeup and/or nails.  We decided to go with professional hair styling at Ruby and Clover Hairdressing in Rochester.  We wanted a hair style to last through the evening and we felt that after the right dress the hair was the next most important thing.  My daughter did her own makeup and nails.  She did a variation of a french manicure with sage green tips.

Senior Prom Photo Session

For this Prom Photo Session we made a stop at a covered porch since we were not so lucky with the weather that day.

Prom Photo Session


Rochester Senior Prom Photo Session


Special Event Prom Portrait


Prom Portraits Michigan

I hope this has been helpful to you in planning for your son or daughter’s prom.  Don’t forget the prom portraits!  I’d love to help with your child’s senior portrait session and help with the processes from beginning to end!  From What to Wear and How to Prepare to great products with your portraits I’m here to help!

Senior Graduation Celebration

Senior Graduation Celebration

Senior Graduation Celebration

Before we know it, it will be time for Senior Graduation Celebration!  There may be snow on the ground in Michigan today but it’s going to feel like Spring starting tomorrow.  Before you know you will have a months full of events like Senior Honors Convocation, Prom preparation, Senior Walk, Graduation, Senior All Night Party and then Graduation Parties and Senior Open Houses.  Now is the time to focus on what special items you want to commemorate your senior, show them how proud you are and to have keepsakes from this special time.  I’d like to help and share some solutions with you, of products that can help you do just that!  We like to focus on the items that you will have as keepsakes, beyond the things that will be thrown away after the party, passed on to friends, or stored away.  Another great way to savor your party is to hire a professional photographer for your event.  So rent your tents and tables and don’t forget these great touches for your Senior Graduation Celebration.


Custom Graduation Announcement Cards

Our custom graduation announcements and party invitations are sure to stand out.  These two sided cards can provide graduation announcements or party information while one side provides a great keepsake for family and friends.  After your image selection you will have access to a private on-line studio from my professional print lab with a multitude of great templates.  These cards really do stand out as a beautiful product and keepsake.

Cards and Announcements


Senior Graduation Signing Boards

Senior Graduation Celebration Signing Boards are a great party item where guest can sign and dd their best wishes!  Brings back sweet memories, and the feeling of support by friends and family, for years to come!  This signing board is also a fun conversation piece in a dorm or apartment.

Senior Graduation Celebration

Senior Signing Board

Senior Yard Signs and Banners

Senior Yard Signs and Banners show your pride in your senior and congratulate them on their accomplishments and wish them well on their future path.

Senior Banner

Senior Yard Sign

More samples of these products can be found on my website in the Client Lounge area on the main menu of my website.

Yard Signs and Banners

Fine Art Products

Professional Event Photography

You’ve put in the work planning the perfect party.  It passes so fast, remember your wedding?  It’s a great idea to have a professional photographer at your event to capture your Senior Graduation Celebration and all the details you have put together to celebrate your senior.  Capture that collection of sports jerseys, t-shirts from plays, band camp and more.  Savor the sight of the table adorned with recognition from high school events, certifications and academic awards.  Even more importantly capture your high school seniors support team, made up of family and friends that supported you and them through the years and have joined together to celebrate your high school senior.  Enjoy your party and let a professional photographer capture your event.  Ask about the best way to preserve these images from your graduation celebration.

Senior Portraits with Personality

Your High School Senior’s portrait session shouldn’t end with digital files that you may lose track of over time.  We all lead busy lives so let’s get those images printed and enjoyed now and for years to come.  I hope you have the wall art you can look at to bring a smile to you every day.  I hope you have an album to take enjoy when you need trip down memory lane, or when that college friend comes to visit, or share moments together with family and friends.  Thank you to my clients that have let me enter their lives and get to know their senior and have worked with me to bring you these images of this special time.  And to those with upcoming seniors just looking to figure this all out… Welcome!  I look forward to getting to know your senior and walk you through the process, to answer all your questions, and make this a great experience for you and your high school senior.