Tips for choosing a great senior photographer

Tips for choosing a great senior photographer

I’d love to share some tips for choosing a great senior photographer.  I’d love to be your metro Detroit senior photographer of choice.

Junior year of high school is so full of decisions to be made by both the student and the parent.  How many times should they take the SAT or ACT?  What the heck is FAFSA and do I have to do it?  How many AP classes should I take my Senior year?  How many college tours should I go on?  Which classes are best to start with and transfer from a Community College?  How much should I expect to spend on prom?  Do I have to go to a certain photographer for the yearbook photo? The list goes on…  I’d like to help you with the decision of choosing a senior photographer.  By the way, let’s take care of the yearbook photo question.  I include yearbook photos with my sessions.  Most public schools do not require a certain photographer.  I am able to meet the restrictions for many schools and take care of submitting the image for you.

Tips for choosing a great Senior Photographer

Specialty art products

Are you looking for digital files or a photographer that will work with you through the whole process and provide you with heirloom products that stand the test of time?  I do offer digital file packages so that is covered.  Whew!  And for those of you who want more, my heart is truly in the products that I provide.  Have you purchased a photo session in the past and did you get digital files or products?  If you purchased digital files have you printed them, are they on your walls and you are in love with the products you found or is the disc or usb in a drawer somewhere?  I hope those images are on your wall or in a beautiful, appreciated, album or print box.  Let me walk you through the whole process starting with talking about product options and ending with great products in your hand to treasure.

Senior portrait locations

What kind of places speak to your senior?  Is she a country girl who loves wildflowers?  Does your son love the big city or is he happy to roam his home town?  I spend a lot of spare time checking out new locations so that I have something in mind for each Senior that I meet.  Expect to wander a bit during your session and we’ll find some great new spots together as well.  And don’t worry about posing.  I’ll get you started and fine tune your poses as well.  If your senior has a passion I’d love to incorporate that into their session.  Are they into music, mountain biking, theatre, etc.?   While I’m located in Rochester, I’ve done and am happy do sessions from Plymouth and Northville to Grosse Pointe and beyond.  I love Detroit photo sessions too!  I know so many great spots down there and like I mentioned I’m also searching for fresh, fun spots just for your senior.

detroit senior photo session with skyline


Session Preparation

To get the most out of your senior session preparation is key!  I have a lot of information on what to wear and how to prepare for your session.  Each client gets a client portal which houses all their information.  No need to search through countless emails of look for old texts.  My senior magazine is available to get us started on what to expect.  Then we’ll talk in person (I’ll buy the coffee, iced tea or dessert) or over the phone to start planning the session.  Meeting in person is a great way to see some of the great products I offer and I can’t wait for you to check them out!   You may fall in love with a certain product right from the beginning and we can shoot with that product in mind, or you might not settle on one until later and I’ll be there all the way through to help with those decisions.  You can see some of those fine art products on my website, and I’m in the process of any some great new items as well!

I include yearbook photos with my sessions so we’ll check with your school so that I have their requirements.  I’ve been doing this for years with many different schools so no worries.

After your Photo Session

I love to offer the full service so if you are not ready to be let go with a handful of digital files that you may well not getting around to doing anything with then look for a photographer with a well researched offering of products that fit your needs.  After your session we’ll meet a few weeks later to go through your proofs and I’ll have my sample products with me.  From helping to fill a wall or create a wall collection with other portraits, I’m there to help.  Or maybe you would love an album with a duplicate copy for grandparents or yourself if your senior calls dibs on the first one!  From gift prints (8x10s, 5x7s) to wallets and custom graduation announcements I’m here to help you get just what you want!


Please check out my pArt of Life Photography Senior Magazine.  I’d love to talk to you soon about a fun, personalized senior session made just for your senior!





Rochester High School Senior

Rochester High School Senior

I’m so honored when people find me and choose me to be their senior photographer.  I had the pleasure of meeting Liam’s parents at our pre-session consultation for his Rochester High School Senior Portraits.  We chatted about what kind of session and locations would best fit their son.  I also shared the products that I am so excited about.  After their products are in I’ll add a photo of the great special product that they are excited about, as much as I am.

Rochester High School Senior

For Liam’s session we met up by the Clinton River, where they love to go for walks.  Liam was quickly at ease and has such a great smile.  For town Liam showed off his style and wore a suit, and he wore it well!  He has such a great personality and I have a feeling the Rochester High theater group has a great time with him and I can tell they are in good hands with him as their theater tech guy.  We had such fun, from when the police office rolled up to Liam sharing his signature pose around town.

rochester high school senior pictures at clinton river trail

Rochester High School Senior



Rochester Michigan Fall Senior Portraits

We met up again when Liam received his Varsity jacket.  We totally lucked out with a gorgeous sunny day in November and went to a favorite spot of mine that had a lot of color left.  Who knew the next week it would all be covered in a foot of snow!  Liam rocks a varsity jacket, doesn’t he?!  And we even found a woodland stage so Liam was right at home.  He works behind the scenes on the theater productions for Rochester High School.  I bet they are not happy that he is a Senior.

rochester high school guy with RHS varsity jacket

rochester high school theater tech


rochester high school senior guy at clinton river trail


I look forward to planning a portrait session just for you! Senior year is full of decisions.  Let me lead you through planning your session so you have one less thing to stress about.  I’ll help with clothing choices, locations and more.  I can cover the yearbook requirements and submit the photo for you as well as the composite photo.  Sit back and relax and enjoy your child’s portrait session.  Then relive this high point of their year!  It’s time!  Contact pArt of Life Photography!




Stoney Creek Senior Portrait session

Stoney Creek Senior Portrait session

This Stoney Creek Senior Portrait Session was right up my alley!  I’m part of a mountain biking family (I’ve ‘retired’ from the sport – lol!) so when Evan’s mom said he wanted to go to Stony Creek Metro Park and bring his mountain bike I was more than game!  We had to wait for Evan to get back from racing the Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike Race the first week-end in November.  I loved hearing his stories of his many races.  My son was just in the Iceman race as well and I’ve attended before so it was easy to relate too and knew of just how challenging his racing has been.  And any guy that likes the UP is great in my book!  Well, let’s bring on the images!  It was chilly but we had fun checking out the trails around the old Sheldon Estate, which has left a few remnants around.

It’s hard to decide but this might be my favorite!

Sheldon Estates Remains

Can’t miss these cool remains from the old Sheldon Estates.

Mountain Biking action shots!

There’s always time to have fun along the way!  We caught a few different action shots on the gorgeous leaf covered trails.

Which one is your favorite?  I’d love to hear so leave a comment.

Is it time to start talking about how we can customize a senior portrait session just for you?  I think it is so click her for the pArt of Life Photography contact form.  Thanks!

Detroit Senior Portraits with personality!

Detroit Senior Portraits with personality!

So exciting for this Rochester Michigan photographer to plan Avery’s Detroit Senior Portraits this summer!  We met at Dessert Oasis with Avery and her mom.  We had a fun chat and together we planned out a fun shoot in Detroit.  Avery wanted to start at the Belle Isle Conservancy which I thought was perfect!  Avery of course looked fantastic and we had fun looking around at the beautiful and interesting plant life.  Turns out we have both been buying succulents and other goodies from Eastern Market.

Belle Isle Conservancy Senior Portraits

Belle Isle Conservancy Senior Portraits

Belle Isle Conservancy Senior Portraits

detroit senior portraits with rochester mi photographer


Belle Isle Fountain Senior Portraits

After the Conservancy it was on to the beautiful Belle Isle Fountain!  The sky was so perfect for this majestic spot!

detroit belle isie senior portraits

Detroit Senior Portraits with Rochester MI photographer

We were off to Eastern Market then around The Z Garage and the new Shinola Hotel.  Have you checked out MadCap Coffee and new Parker Alley behind the Shinola Hotel?  I love the classy shot of Avery and her black dress at the sleek entrance to the Shinola Hotel.She looks great in front of the amber glow and the rich green plants and black brick.  A favorite ending spot is the rooftop of the Z Garage.  I love when the city lights start coming on!

detroit seniro portraits with personality

Avery’s session was so much fun!  We had a beautiful evening and it was great walking around and getting the chance to hear about her college applications and plans for the future.  It was fun capturing her and her energetic personality among the energy of the city that we love!  I’m so glad they chose pArt of Life Photography for Avery’s senior portraits!

I just senior photo sessions.  I love getting to know the senior and helping to create a custom photo session just for them!  Please check out the pArt of Life Photography Senior Magazine! and contact pArt of Life Photography for your custom senior portrait session!


Grosse Pointe Senior Portraits in Detroit!

Grosse Pointe Senior Portraits in Detroit!

What a fabulous Grosse Pointe senior portrait session in Detroit with Francesca!!  Francesca attends Grosse Pointe South and was looking forward to a Detroit Senior Portrait Session.  We started out in Eastern Market.  We found so many beautiful murals that made the perfect backdrop for this darling girl!

aqua and bricks grosse pointe senior


Detroit skyline view for Grosse Pointe Senior Portrait Session

After Eastern Market we hit downtown, stopping for a fabulous Detroit skyline view!!  Oh my gosh, does this girl shine or what?!?  Must be that bright future in front of her!

Next up the DIA!  This Italian girl looks fabulous with the white marble!  A perfect place for a twirl!

Rounding out our fun evening in Senior Session in Detroit we went to The Belt.  Francesca and her mom love the lights.  I do too!

I’m so happy to provide Francesca great memories from a fun night in Detroit!  It thrills me that she and her family have these portraits to look back at over the years.  I think Senior portraits often capture glimpses of the child they were and the adults they are becoming.  Senior year is a very special time, a great time for fine art products that stand the test of time.  How exciting it is to leaf through a beautiful album, or see beautiful wall prints or smaller easel prints from an image box.  I don’t want to have you lose digital images or have creating something with them added to your endless to-do list.  I’ll help you choose the perfect products, ready to enjoy!

I’d love it if you contacted me for senior portrait session designed just for you!  Contact pArt of Life Photography for Senior Portraits with personality!






Senior Portrait Session with Singer Songwriter Lia!

Senior Portrait Session with Singer Songwriter Lia!

You wouldn’t believe the talent in this girl!  She is a fabulous singer and songwriter and she performs around metro Detroit.  Lia is also as sweet as they come.  Her heart comes through in her music and how she spends her free time with her church group.  She has even taken part in the teamwork of an international mission project.  She also has a passion for theater.  I have heard her sign often and have been able to see her in one play as well.  She is doing so much with her life and I look forward to seeing where she goes with her talents beyond her senior year.  I can’t wait to show you the beautiful Senior Portrait Session with Singer Songwriter Lia!

Rochester Michigan Senior Portraits

We started Lia’s senior senior session in downtown Rochester.  Looking good in jeans, boot and a cool shirt, she looks right at home in the city.

rochester senior session with singer songwriter

senior portrait rochester hills michigan

For her next outfit I thought this building made a great backdrop, as classy as Lia!  I love the smile on her face and the gleam in her eye at the ivy wall.

Sweet and sassy pose rochester michigan

Singer songwriter with beautiful smile in rochester michigan

Rochester Michigan Senior Portraits in beautiful meadow

When we planned out her session I thought of returning to this meadow where we did Lia’s headshots four years ago.  I suggested if she had a flowy dress that it would be good for such a natural location.  And boy, did she rock out this session, don’t you agree?

Senior in gorgeous dress in rochester michigan meadow

Senior in gorgeous dress in rochester michigan meadow

A lot of people commented that I captured Lia’s inner glow and I feel like I did!  I strive to get seniors to relax and enjoy, and to make mom’s not stress!  I would love to have a senior session consult with you.  I’m excited about the products I offer and would love to see how I can fit your needs with a senior session to be excited about!

Contact pArt of Life Photography