Homecoming time around Rochester, Michigan

Homecoming time around Rochester, Michigan

It’s Homecoming time around Rochester, Michigan!  My daughter went to her first homecoming dance at Stoney Creek High School.  I thought I’d share a few tips I learned along the way!

Besides dress shopping don’t forget to make your hair and nail appointments.  For dress shopping I thought Nordstrom had good prices.  My daughter’s dress was around $100.  Of course, you could spend a lot more if you have the budget.  Another spot is Camille La Vie at Great Lakes Crossing.  From what I hear seniors tend more towards long dresses and young girls tend to wear shorter dresses, but of course it may trend differently at your school.  Don’t hesitate to try on something you think might not work, as you might be pleasantly surprised.  Don’t forget to wear it around the dressing room a bit and make sure it’s comfortable to sit in.  Move around and make sure it doesn’t just look good when you are standing straight.  No one wants to be tugging at their dress all night.  Don’t forget a simple clutch.  We found ours at DSW.  A long strap is nice for when you want to be hands free.  The strap on the one we bought tucked away easily.  For shoes don’t go too high.  And be prepared to go barefoot in the gym so bringing a nice pair of low socks that just cover the bottom of your feet is a great idea.

Clear your homecoming day and relax and have fun!  Hair appointments can take more time than you think so leave plenty of time in your schedule.  A stressed and rushed day is no fun!  A good choice right in Rochester is Ruby and Clover.  Freshly manicured nails are a nice treat for feeling really special too!

Before you know it, it will time to dress up and enjoy Homecoming.  Don’t forget to leave time for photographs.  You don’t want to forget the special details of the day!  You will enjoy the special photographs for years to come!  Now you are ready for a memorable high school night!  Make Homecoming time around Rochester, Michigan your own!  Dance and have fun!

Stoney Creek Rochester Homecoming hair style

Stoney Creek Rochester Homecoming dress

Rochester Homecoming tips

Rochester Michigan Homecoming


Teen photo session with skirts in Detroit

Teen photo session with skirts in Detroit

We all had so much fun at this Teen photo session with skirts in Detroit!  We glam-ed it up for a fun photo session in Detroit.  I knew the marble steps at the DIA would be the perfect place for these lovely young ladies, all dressed up!  We stopped in for blow-outs at the Capelli Salon in Rochester.  Then we grabbed some skirts and headed downtown Detroit on a beautiful early summer evening.  We had so much fun picking new spots and sharing some laughs.  These girls have known each other all their lives.  It was fun to commemorate their friendship and their upcoming start of high school with this fun photo session.  Before we left the DIA and headed to Eastern Market they did some twirling in front of the arches.  I’ve got more to share as I also did separate portraits for each of the girls so check back in soon.  I wish I could have done this with my friends when I was a teen!

glamour teen photo session in detroit


Teen photo session with skirts in detroit


glamorous Teen photo session with skirts in detroit


teens laughing detroit photo session


teen twirling dancing detroit


teen skirt photo session in detroit

Are you ready for your photo session with one of the long skirts in my style closet?  It’s fun to add on to sessions for high school seniors, teens, sisters, mom and daughters,…  I’ve got six colors to choose from so grab a friend and let’s plan a photo session just for you!  You know you want to be part of pArt of Life Photography’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirts sessions!!

Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots

Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots

You are not alone if you are looking for inspiration on Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots in Rochester.  I offer information on this topic on both my website and in my on-line and printed client packets.  I wanted to take it a step further and show more up-to date examples.  I reached out to a local shop, 4th Street Boutique in Rochester Michigan, that is great to shop at for both Seniors and those preparing for head shot sessions.  This charming and very well-stocked boutique is located right off Main Street in Rochester’s picturesque downtown.  I can’t say enough good things about this store.  They have the great clothes, jewelry, accessories and even gifts.  All of this is presented to you in a beautiful way, from shabby chic armoires and other charming display pieces.  The tin ceilings and chandeliers are just perfect for this place.  Come and check it out!

4th Street Boutique Rochester Michigan

4th Street Boutique Rochester


Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots

Before I go on too long I wanted to share just a few of the great finds for Senior Portrait and Business Headshot sessions.  I thought the mustard tank would be prefect under a jacket.  And the blue blouse would show just the right amount of personality for some professional headshots.

Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots

What to Wear professional head shots rochester

And how cute are these for a senior portrait session?  The grey sleeveless top is perfect alone or with a simple jacket!  I love the colors and prints in the top too.  And isn’t that romper fun with the right amount of flair?  Scarves are a fun accessory with so many great ways to use them.  And check out all the cute t-shirts and jewelry – so many great choices.

What to Wear senior portraits rochester

The choices just keep going.  I’m amazed at all the great things this store has to offer.  There are also sales racks in the back.

Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots


Is it time to plan your senior portrait session?  Take a few minutes to check out our Senior Gallery and our pArt of Life Photography Senior Magazine! Let’s get started customizing your session today!

Interested in business professional or actor / modeling headshots?  Check out our Head Shot Gallery.  When you become a client you will receive our session preparation tips.  Let’s talk about your session.  We offer studio and on-location sessions.

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