Grosse Pointe Senior Portraits in Detroit!

Grosse Pointe Senior Portraits in Detroit!

What a fabulous Grosse Pointe senior portrait session in Detroit with Francesca!!  Francesca attends Grosse Pointe South and was looking forward to a Detroit Senior Portrait Session.  We started out in Eastern Market.  We found so many beautiful murals that made the perfect backdrop for this darling girl!

aqua and bricks grosse pointe senior


Detroit skyline view for Grosse Pointe Senior Portrait Session

After Eastern Market we hit downtown, stopping for a fabulous Detroit skyline view!!  Oh my gosh, does this girl shine or what?!?  Must be that bright future in front of her!

Next up the DIA!  This Italian girl looks fabulous with the white marble!  A perfect place for a twirl!

Rounding out our fun evening in Senior Session in Detroit we went to The Belt.  Francesca and her mom love the lights.  I do too!

I’m so happy to provide Francesca great memories from a fun night in Detroit!  It thrills me that she and her family have these portraits to look back at over the years.  I think Senior portraits often capture glimpses of the child they were and the adults they are becoming.  Senior year is a very special time, a great time for fine art products that stand the test of time.  How exciting it is to leaf through a beautiful album, or see beautiful wall prints or smaller easel prints from an image box.  I don’t want to have you lose digital images or have creating something with them added to your endless to-do list.  I’ll help you choose the perfect products, ready to enjoy!

I’d love it if you contacted me for senior portrait session designed just for you!  Contact pArt of Life Photography for Senior Portraits with personality!






Senior Portrait Session with Singer Songwriter Lia!

Senior Portrait Session with Singer Songwriter Lia!

You wouldn’t believe the talent in this girl!  She is a fabulous singer and songwriter and she performs around metro Detroit.  Lia is also as sweet as they come.  Her heart comes through in her music and how she spends her free time with her church group.  She has even taken part in the teamwork of an international mission project.  She also has a passion for theater.  I have heard her sign often and have been able to see her in one play as well.  She is doing so much with her life and I look forward to seeing where she goes with her talents beyond her senior year.  I can’t wait to show you the beautiful Senior Portrait Session with Singer Songwriter Lia!

Rochester Michigan Senior Portraits

We started Lia’s senior senior session in downtown Rochester.  Looking good in jeans, boot and a cool shirt, she looks right at home in the city.

rochester senior session with singer songwriter

senior portrait rochester hills michigan

For her next outfit I thought this building made a great backdrop, as classy as Lia!  I love the smile on her face and the gleam in her eye at the ivy wall.

Sweet and sassy pose rochester michigan

Singer songwriter with beautiful smile in rochester michigan

Rochester Michigan Senior Portraits in beautiful meadow

When we planned out her session I thought of returning to this meadow where we did Lia’s headshots four years ago.  I suggested if she had a flowy dress that it would be good for such a natural location.  And boy, did she rock out this session, don’t you agree?

Senior in gorgeous dress in rochester michigan meadow

Senior in gorgeous dress in rochester michigan meadow

A lot of people commented that I captured Lia’s inner glow and I feel like I did!  I strive to get seniors to relax and enjoy, and to make mom’s not stress!  I would love to have a senior session consult with you.  I’m excited about the products I offer and would love to see how I can fit your needs with a senior session to be excited about!

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Rochester Michigan Senior Portraits with music!

Rochester Michigan Senior Portraits with music!

Evan rocked his Rochester Michigan senior portrait session and not just because he was a natural in front of the camera and has great style but he also brought along an array of instruments that he plays.  Along the Clinton River we had the pleasure of hearing him play!

We started off in downtown Rochester and had some fun along the way.  I strive to make my seniors comfortable and bring them to, or happen along, great spots.  I love the glow of the summer sun here!

downtown rochester Michigan with senior guy


rochester michigan senior portraits

Does he rock the serious face or what?  🙂

male model senior portrait rochester michigan

I especially loved this part of his senior session when the instruments came out.  I need to add a photo of him and his beautiful guitar.  Evan plays the saxophone too.  He is in the Wind Ensemble at Stoney Creek High School in Rochester Hills.  That is the highest level band, by audition only.  This year he is also in Marching Band, an asset for sure.

music by the clinton river with Rochester michigan senior

senior guy with guitar at clinton river in rochester michigan

Evan’s mom and I teased that male modeling could be his back up plan but he really is a great model, if his plans for college don’t work out, but I’m sure they will.  😉

male model in meadow senior portrait

It’s been a great summer and I truly treasure the seniors and their parents that chose me as their photographer.  I’m so honored to capture this exciting time in their life.  I feel a lot of these images capture parts of the younger self as well as the adult they are quickly becoming.  I couldn’t believe how different my son looked after being away at college and I treasure his senior portraits more and more all the time.  I would love to capture your Senior this fall, or even in the Spring of 2020.  Let’s feature what your senior loves!  I love working with people after their session to help them with specialized prints and product that you are sure to love and treasure, so let’s talk soon! Please check out my senior gallery!  When you select Senior Session on my Contact Form you will be sent a link to my Senior Magazine to review.  Thank you!




Senior Portraits with Stoney Creek Track runner

Senior Portraits with Stoney Creek Track runner

You should see Sam run!  He’s been setting school records and having a great time with track and cross country running.  He’s also part of a great relay team!  For his senior portraits with this Stoney Creek track runner we saved the best for last and went to Stoney Creek High School track, his home turf for some pictures where Sam spends a lot of time and has made so many great memories!  Crazy to think that in barely over a year from now he may be off to do his running for a great college.

Downtown Rochester Senior Portraits

Just had to start the session in Sam’s hometown of Rochester, Michigan for his Senior Portraits.  Off to a great start!  Sam was so natural in front of the camera.  But I was ready to pull out my corny jokes if I needed to break the ice a bit.

Rochester MI senior pictures


downtown rochester Michigan senior portraits

Then to Sam’s home turf, the Stoney Creek High School track!

stoney creek high school track record setter


senior all-state track record holder


What is your Senior into?  Band?  Soccer?  Dance Team?  It’s so fun to incorporate their passions into their senior portrait session.  It’s not too late to start customizing your own Senior Session.  Check out our pArt of Life Photography Senior Magazine for session tips. Then fill out the Contact Form.  I can’t wait to talk with you!  I’ve got the perfect locations waiting for you!  I can also submit yearbook photos to most school yearbooks and this included with my sessions.

Teen Portrait Session: destination Charleston

Teen Portrait Session: destination Charleston

Teen Portrait Session

One of the highlights of Spring Break was this teen portrait session; destination Charleston.  I loved everything about Charleston!  I’ll be doing some more posts about that trip with both nature and historical charm and of course flowers, as well as a dance portrait session.  My daughter is a big history buff and loved Charleston too.  You can’t deny that the city has a ton of charm as well.  The window boxes alone were fantastic and that they graced charming buildings was just a bonus.

Shopping for Teens

I love to share shopping tips.  We found this outfit at Francesca’s.  It’s like a boutique but it’s a chain store.  Each one is unique though and they only buy one or a few of each piece of clothing so you won’t see ten (or more) people in the same outfit.  The jacket was purchased in Michigan during a buy one get one at 50% off sale, which is common.  The dress we found in Charleston on King Street.

Customized Teen Photo Sessions

I love teen portrait sessions!  They are both a glimpse of the past and future!  It’s a great time for portraits, spaced out a couple years before senior portrait time – gasp!  Charleston has beautiful backdrops galore!  I think it’s time to plan a destination photo shoot there!  Who’s in??  Seriously, flights are not too high and it would be a blast!

Don’t let these times as a young teen slip by.  Show them how special they are with a customized portrait session.  Schedule a trim or a blow-out or style for the same day and really make an event out of it!

Contact me for more details!  


Teen Style Photo Session

Teen Style Photo Session Charleston Teen Style Photo Session Charleston

Teen Style Photo Session destination

Teen Style Portrait Session

Teen Style Portrait Session