Michigan Senior Photography

Michigan Senior Photography

What a year!  SAT/ACT, AP classes, the school play, Homecoming, Prom,…  Senior Year is so exciting with some big events  and some very special ‘last’s too.  One memory that should shine through as a true highlight should be your Michigan Senior Photography!

Michigan Senior Photography with Personality!

I strive to provide Senior Photography that is a great experience from the beginning by proving lots of great information, like our Senior Magazine (below).  This helps to answer a lot of questions.  Through the process we have a lot of communication.  Your senior can start by filling out our session questionnaire to help us get to know the a little better and help us plan the perfect session.  When your session is booked you will also receive access to your own Client Portal.  This is where you go for all your information, from emails to forms. No more searching through emails for bits of information.  It’s all laid out and organized at your finger tips.  Soon we’ll talk more about session locations and what to wear.  I do a lot of location scouting so I’ve got a lot of great places in mind.  I love to explore new places as well. Your portal will also have more tips on preparing for your session.

Session days are a lot of fun!  Bring along some fun music for the car, we can even bring it along with us if you want!  We’ll head to our planned locations and we usually find new spots along the way.  Bring along a few outfits, relax and come ready for fun!

After your session we’ll meet to view a slideshow from your session then go through the images individually.  This way we can sort them and you can select your favorites.  I offer many great products.  With an album you can take your images with you to share at family get-togethers and also view them at home to take a trip down memory lane any time you want!  There are also wall art options to choose from.  Maybe a metal print is the best way for you to show off a great city shot, or a canvas would look perfect in your home.  There are also folio boxes which you just have to check out.  This way your can have your prints beautifully matted for protection with repeated handling and display one or a few at a time.  And when your busy spring time arrives there are custom announcements/invites and thank you notes to select.  This will free up your time for celebration planning!

Here is the pArt of Life Photography magazine and don’t forget to check out other images in our Senior gallery.

Michigan Senior Photography

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Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots

Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots

You are not alone if you are looking for inspiration on Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots in Rochester.  I offer information on this topic on both my website and in my on-line and printed client packets.  I wanted to take it a step further and show more up-to date examples.  I reached out to a local shop, 4th Street Boutique in Rochester Michigan, that is great to shop at for both Seniors and those preparing for head shot sessions.  This charming and very well-stocked boutique is located right off Main Street in Rochester’s picturesque downtown.  I can’t say enough good things about this store.  They have the great clothes, jewelry, accessories and even gifts.  All of this is presented to you in a beautiful way, from shabby chic armoires and other charming display pieces.  The tin ceilings and chandeliers are just perfect for this place.  Come and check it out!

4th Street Boutique Rochester Michigan

4th Street Boutique Rochester


Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots

Before I go on too long I wanted to share just a few of the great finds for Senior Portrait and Business Headshot sessions.  I thought the mustard tank would be prefect under a jacket.  And the blue blouse would show just the right amount of personality for some professional headshots.

Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots

What to Wear professional head shots rochester

And how cute are these for a senior portrait session?  The grey sleeveless top is perfect alone or with a simple jacket!  I love the colors and prints in the top too.  And isn’t that romper fun with the right amount of flair?  Scarves are a fun accessory with so many great ways to use them.  And check out all the cute t-shirts and jewelry – so many great choices.

What to Wear senior portraits rochester

The choices just keep going.  I’m amazed at all the great things this store has to offer.  There are also sales racks in the back.

Fashion Ideas for Seniors and Head Shots


Is it time to plan your senior portrait session?  Take a few minutes to check out our Senior Gallery and our pArt of Life Photography Senior Magazine! Let’s get started customizing your session today!

Interested in business professional or actor / modeling headshots?  Check out our Head Shot Gallery.  When you become a client you will receive our session preparation tips.  Let’s talk about your session.  We offer studio and on-location sessions.

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Snow Engagement Photo Session

Snow Engagement Photo Session

I just LOVED this snow engagement photo session!  We met up on a magical snowy morning.  The weather could not have worked out better for changing this woman’s plans for a gorgeous snow engagement photo session into reality.  I was so excited when she said she would be wearing a long gown and a fur that belonged to her mother.  This couple simply looks marvelous together!  I love capturing these moments with them as the snow gently fell.  You’ve gotta agree it was a magical snow engagement photo session and they totally rocked it!

snow engagement phtoo session


romantic engagement session in the snow


elegant snow engagement session


romantic engagement session in rochester park

Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Ah!  To be a dancer!  I just loved this Dance Photography Rochester Michigan photo session.  Kyra loves ballet and has worked hard to be ready for pre-pointe then pointe ballet classes.  I don’t know how they do the move they do, while up on pointe.  She learned from a rough start on the wrong shoes and is now loving her new Suffolk pointe shoes.  If you are looking for a great filling we recommend Fanci Footworks in Shelby Township.  I think this session with Kyra really shows her passion for dance.  I love the quiet moments when she sat lacing up her shoes.  Now to decide how many of these images will grace her walls.  I think we’ll going with a canvas hanging print.  It has a weathered strip of wood at the top and bottom of the beautiful canvas.  I think the image with her trying her pointe shoes will look spectacular on canvas.  For the rest we are going with specialty silk prints.  I can’t wait!

Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Here is one of the portraits from her dance photography session.  I just love it!

Teen Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Ballet Shoes of her Dreams!

Aren’t these images so dreamy?  I love the softness.  I hope these inspire many dreams when the print is up on her wall!  I think it will divine as a specialty silk print.

ballet pointe shoes compilation

I just love the feeling in this one.  The more dramatic lighting worked perfectly here.

Teen with ballet pointe shoes


We also did a few images of Kyra in action!  Have I already said that I’m excited that she has these images now to boost her self-confidence and to look back on for years to come?

teen ballet dancer en pointe

dance photography

quiet moment with ballet dancer in pointe shoes


I got a little creative and added a texture to this one.  I loved it so I went back and added that touch to more of the images.  What do you think?  I’d love your comments below.

dramtic teen head shot of dancer

Is it time for a photo session that captures the passion of someone you love?  What is your teen or high school senior into these days?  Dance, sports, books, theater,..  I love the boost in self-confidence that quality portraits and products can give to kids at these ages.  It’s also great to capture this changing time in their lives to look back on forever.  Let’s chat about what you would like to capture and we’ll make a plan together!  The sessions are so much fun and will be great memories themselves. For other sessions see our Teens or Senior Gallery.

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Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester

Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester

Meet Jordan at her Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester!  Jordan is a Junior at Adams High School.  It was nice getting to know her as we took a walk along the river trail.  We scouted out some really cool spots.  It’s fun to re-visit common fair weather spots and see how they look adorned in fresh snow!  Jordan brought along the perfect coat and accessories for her snowy session.

Rochester Adams Junior Photo Session

Jordan hiding in snowy grasses in Rochester Park


Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester

We made it through the fresh snow and followed the Paint Creek trail for awhile.  I love this walk-way that Rochester spruced up a few years ago.  It’s especially gorgeous in the snow.  It’s so cool that by following the winding stairs down from the hustle and bustle of Rochester Road you can be in this beautiful natural oasis.  Turn one way and you are not too far from the Rochester Municipal Park or turn the other way and the trail follows the Paint Creek behind the library and on to the Macomb Orchard Trail and the Clinton River.

Snowy Session along Paint Creek Trail Rochester


beautiful teen having fun snow photos at rochester park

If the weather co-operates we might be able to do more snow photo sessions.  If not, there is always next year!

Let’s plan a session to include your favorite things; your favorite season, or sport, your favorite spot to chill or one that shows what you do for fun!  Are you a hometown person, or more into the look and feel of a big city?  Want to have a friend join in for part of your senior session?  Let me know what you and we’ll work out a plan to make it happen.  It’s a great time of life to capture forever!  And for more inspiration and tips on a Teen session check out the pArt of Life Photography Senior Magazine.

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