Portrait Photography: Professional Editing

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Today, I want to talk about a crucial aspect of photography, specifically portrait photography: professional editing. I take pride in my natural yet polished edits in my portrait photography for both senior photography and headshot photography.  First of all, I strive to find the best light or help to create with off-camera flash.  Without getting too techy here, I shoot in manual mode to make changes to background lighting, subject lighting, and depth of field.  A soft background brings attention to my subjects, but I also change the depth of field depending on the scenario when I decide to retain more of the details in certain backgrounds to make them more discernable, while still not detracting from the person in the image.

Senior photography is all about encapsulating a pivotal moment in a young person’s life. It’s about freezing that transition between adolescence and adulthood, preserving memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. As photographers, we have the incredible responsibility of ensuring that these images accurately reflect the essence and personality of our subjects. And that’s where professional, clean editing comes into play.  It’s not about changing who the person is; it’s about enhancing their natural beauty and capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Portrait photography for business headshots should be a true representation of the person.  For all my finished images the person will have a polished look, with brightened teeth, smooth skin without looking like Barbie, and any other tweaks as needed.  Let me help you make the best first impression. That begins even before the camera comes out, relating with you and making sure I know what you want to present to your audience and getting you comfortable for those great, natural expressions.

Now, let me be clear – editing isn’t about altering reality or creating an unrealistic depiction of the individual. Instead, it’s about enhancing the image while staying true to its authenticity. When it comes to senior photography, natural clean editing is key. It’s about subtle adjustments that elevate the photo without overshadowing the subject.  Sometimes editing the background by removing distracting items, large and small goes a long way to bringing the focus back to the person.

So, why is natural clean editing so important?

First and foremost, it preserves the realness of the moment and the person. Quality portraits should be a genuine representation of the individual – their personality, their style, their uniqueness. Overly heavy editing can detract from this authenticity, leaving the viewer with a sense of disconnect. Secondly, natural clean editing ensures that the focus remains on the subject. The last thing you want is for flashy effects or heavy filters to overshadow the person in the photograph. By keeping the editing subtle and clean, you allow the subject to shine through, letting their personality take center stage.

But don’t just take my word for it – let’s see some examples!

Portrait Photography: Professional Editing

portrait photography professional editing

portrait photography before and after edits

In these before and after shots, you can see how natural clean editing can make a world of difference. The edits are subtle – a touch of brightness here, a slight adjustment in contrast there – but the impact is significant. The images feel more polished, yet the essence of the individual remains unchanged.  I believe portraits should stand the test of time, and not come and go with the latest trends.  Let me bring your dream senior portrait session or business headshot session to life with images you will be proud to display, all while having a great experience.

Here are more examples of Senior Portraits and Professional Headshots.  Thank you for looking.  I looking forward to hearing from you soon!



  1. Susan

    Great explanation of how professional editing can really elevate Senior Portraits.

  2. Michelle Robertson

    I love how clean and beautiful your editing style is! It really brings out the true beauty of each senior and shows another important reason to hire a professional photographer!

  3. Brandi

    Yes! Editing should only enhance the photo, not change what the person looks like! Love your clean and natural editing style!

  4. Howard Blakley

    Simple, clean editing, no gimmicks! Quite refreshing!


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