Senior Prom Photo Session

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A Senior Prom Photo Session are a great way to savor this day that so much thought and planning goes into.  Hang on to this special day with professional senior prom photo session.  These senior prom portraits are sure to be treasured.  I’d love to help with some tips along the way with prom planning and finding the right gown or suit.

My daughter starting shopping for a prom dress in January of her senior year. is a great on-line choice and she ordered one from there in a beautiful wine color.  It was beautiful but she continued her search.  She is very into nature and loves flowers and somewhat of a sweet, simple vintage feel.  We googled dresses with floral overlays and came across this dress found at Reformation.  She fell in love with it!  As a photographer for both weddings and portraits I have come up with a list of a couple things to look for or avoid in special clothing.  Once we saw the dress in person we were really impressed.  I liked that the seam of the dress was not right at the top but at least a 1/2″ inside the dress.  I’ve noticed clothing in the past that curls down due to the seam so that issue is resolved with this dress.  The back was smocked in the back making for a comfortable dress that moves with you.  When buying an dress don’t just make sure it looks good while standing straight but with moving, sitting, bending…    I also liked how the slit overlapped.  The soft satin material and sweet floral print was just right for my daughter’s style.  Another big reason she chose this dress is Reformation’s reputation as a sustainable women’s clothing company.  All this means a lot to my daughter, making this a great choice for her, as well as fitting into our budget.  For men’s suits I also recommend Milano Tailor.  They have a great selection of suits, at a great price and it includes tailoring.  This business is so well run.  My sons have gotten a lot of use out of their suits.  If you are not local to Rochester make sure to search out your local tailors and see if they sell suits.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for prom.  Decide if you want to spend the money on professional hair, makeup and/or nails.  We decided to go with professional hair styling at Ruby and Clover Hairdressing in Rochester.  We wanted a hair style to last through the evening and we felt that after the right dress the hair was the next most important thing.  My daughter did her own makeup and nails.  She did a variation of a french manicure with sage green tips.

Senior Prom Photo Session

For this Prom Photo Session we made a stop at a covered porch since we were not so lucky with the weather that day.

Prom Photo Session


Rochester Senior Prom Photo Session


Special Event Prom Portrait


Prom Portraits Michigan

I hope this has been helpful to you in planning for your son or daughter’s prom.  Don’t forget the prom portraits!  I’d love to help with your child’s senior portrait session and help with the processes from beginning to end!  From What to Wear and How to Prepare to great products with your portraits I’m here to help!


  1. Michelle Robertson

    Such beautiful senior prom photos! These look amazing, even on a day with not-so-great weather. Love that you shared great stores for prom dresses too!

  2. Candace Miller

    Prom photos are such a great idea! Beautiful photos!

  3. Andrea

    Oh how I love prom photos and the sentiment that great prom photos delivers! These senior prom photos capture the magic of the night and the glamor of the moment!

  4. Brandi

    What pretty prom pictures! I love the advice to start shopping early for that perfect prom dress!

  5. Jodi Major

    Gorgeous young lady gotrf her senior prom photo session. I love the dress. I like seeing all the different options in dresses!

  6. Jody Autumn

    Gorgeous prom photos! You captured these beautifully in spite of the weather. Fantastic tips on planning ahead. Senior year can get hectic so those reminders are very useful!


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