Guide to Senior Portraits for Parents

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A Guide to Senior Portraits for Parents

For most parents, senior portraits are a distant memory. Senior Portrait sessions have changed a lot over the last two decades, incorporating more creativity and individuality than ever before.  This Guide to Senior Portraits for Parents is here to help you through the process.  You senior will appreciate the smooth process that we can create together.

Seniors have a lot more options available to them, ranging from traditional sessions in a studio to trendy urban shoots. This is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their unique talents, passions, and personality, while also creating a lasting memory.

However, with all the available options, portrait sessions can quickly become overwhelming for both parents and seniors.

Here are a few quick tips to help you prepare for your child’s upcoming senior session.

Rochester MI Senior Portraits

Make a Note of the Yearbook Deadline

Knowing the yearbook deadline encourages you to schedule a senior session instead of putting it off until the last minute. Depending on your requirements, a senior photo session will start with a yearbook portrait followed by creative shots that are unique to your child. In most instances, it takes at least 2 weeks to receive the final images, so plan accordingly.

Keep Your Senior’s Schedule in Mind

As a parent of a senior, you already know how frantic their schedules can be. Before you go ahead and schedule a session, sit down with your senior to discuss a good time. They should be just as involved in the planning as you are. Even the specific time of day matters when scheduling a senior session. Ideally, you want to take photos just after sunrise and just before sunset, as this is when the lighting’s the best. However, the right photographer can make any time of the day work. Midday should be a last resort though as the lighting is far too harsh.

Compromise with Your Child

You may have a specific idea about the photos you would like to see, but this is about your child and what makes them feel confident and comfortable. Most senior sessions allow for several outfit changes, so use this as an opportunity to find a happy balance between what you want and what your senior wants. Be patient and hear them out before you brush off their ideas. Their portraits should represent who they are and what they love.

Encourage Sharing

Prior to a senior session, get your child to open up about their passions, hopes, and dreams. This information will help guide the shoot and ensure the most authentic photos. Knowing what your senior wants these photos to represent will also guide their outfit and location choices.

Don’t forget to include your senior in the search for a photographer – a photographer’s style needs to fit in with the images you hope to create.

Creative Ways to Display Senior Portraits in Your Home

Senior portraits can be displayed just about anywhere, but there are certain spots in a home where they really stand out.

To help you think outside the box, we have put together a few ideas you can use once you receive your child’s senior portrait prints.

Use Your Favorite Spots

Which spots in your home do you love spending time in? This could be anywhere from a dressing area, to the living or laundry room. Add one of the prints to a frame, so that you always have a special reminder of this important milestone.

Over the Fireplace

Have a fireplace in your home? This is the perfect place to hang a senior portrait, whether it is framed or printed on canvas. If you have more than one child, you can create a small photo wall above your fireplace, so that everyone gets a spot.

Change Up Your Bookshelf

Yes, your bookshelf is designed to house books, but this doesn’t mean you only need to use it for reading material. Get creative by combining your favorite books with one or two framed senior portraits and other knick knacks.

Move Away from Frames

If your décor has more of an artistic feel, you can always place small canvas prints on easels. These look great on side tables in either the bedroom or living room. Plus, they make for instant conversation starters about your senior.

Spruce Up Your Foyer

It’s always nice to be met with beautiful family photos and portraits when you enter a home. Change up the frame sizes and colors to create movement and to add a creative touch to your foyer.

Incorporate Them into Their Grad Party

Planning to host a grad party at home for your senior? Why not use some of their creative shots as décor? This is a party to celebrate them, after all, so make them the center of attention in every way possible. If you want to take it one step further, you can even use these professional photos to create Christmas decorations.

Whatever you do, make sure that you print your child’s senior photos. You are hiring a professional photographer for the occasion, so make it count.

We offer many fine art products, and more photos will be added soon.  I’m excited to share my new canvas company with beautiful canvas and museum backing.


When Is the Best Time to Book My Senior Photo Session?

There is no one answer to when you should book your senior photo session – there are several variables to take into consideration.


To ensure you find a time that works for you, start by looking at your availability. You never realize just how little time you have until you try and work a photoshoot into a busy senior year. Before you know it, it’s a month before you graduate, and you don’t have a date for your session yet.

For example, many extra-curricular activities take place in the fall, leaving very little time for a senior photo session. If you are more involved in sports such as softball, spring is a difficult season to plan around.

The main goal is to not be stressed before or on the day of your senior session – it will show in your photos. On the day of your shoot, you want to be relaxed and enjoy every second.

The Theme

Most likely you already have some idea of the types of photos you want to take to commemorate your senior year. Outfits play an integral role in the overall style of your shoot. If you want to wear a beautiful boho outfit for your senior session, shooting in winter isn’t quite going to work. Get a clear idea of the style you would prefer before you choose a date for your photo session.

The Location and Season

Your location will also fit in with the theme of your shoot. However, not all locations and settings look good at certain times of the year. Want an urban shoot? This works at almost any time of the year. Prefer to take photos at a local park?  Every season has its features, like spring and summer for lush green and flowers and fall or course has gorgeous colors and textures.  Winter photo session and a blanket of snow bring great focus to your senior.

Guide to Senior Portraits for Parents

Senior Portraits in the City! Taking on the big city in style!


Guide to Senior Portraits for Parents

Winter Senior Portrait Sessions are beautiful and fun!

There really is no right or wrong time to schedule your shoot, you just need to plan for it. The minute you have an idea of what your senior schedule will look like, start selecting a few dates – you won’t be sorry.  I look forward to talking to you.  I strive to take the stress out of session planning, starting with this Guide to Senior Portraits for Parents, then with some conversations and session planning to creating a great experience for you and your senior!



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