Your Senior Portraits Can ‘Pop’ With a Prop

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Your Senior Portraits Can ‘Pop’ With a Prop

Senior Picture Props Help You Stand Out

Throughout their time in high school, Seniors can try out a variety of different sports, hobbies, and clubs. As they try these different extracurriculars out, they find a few that they love. Oftentimes, this hobby becomes a huge part of who they are and what they are known for. A unique way to commemorate your passions is to incorporate them in your senior portraits! Your Senior Portraits Can ‘Pop’ With a Prop.  Which one(s) will you bring along?

Your Senior Portraits Can 'Pop' With a Prop


The great thing about using props in your senior photos is that it allows you to capture what you love.

We have listed photography prop ideas for classic senior portrait photography as well as some original photography prop ideas so you can capture a unique senior portrait.

Sports Equipment

Are you a sports lover and play on your school’s team or just love playing a certain sport? Bring your sports equipment to the portrait. If you love baseball you could bring your glove and bat. If you are a cheerleader, you can bring your pom-poms. Play multiple sports? Bring a variety of equipment to create a sporty look for your senior portraits.

Sport Jersey

If you aren’t wanting to use your sports equipment, wearing your sports jersey can be a simple prop to use in your senior photos. 


Did you play in your school’s marching band, orchestra, or just love playing an instrument? Then incorporate it in your photos! Posing with your musical instrument will reflect your experiences and showcase your talents. If you have a particular marching band uniform or orchestra attire, you can even wear them in your photos to add something extra special. Plus, it will be fun to reflect on the uniforms you had to wear in high school!

Incorporate Your Car

Getting your first car is a huge part of your high school experience.  By posing with your cars, you are creating memories for years to come and will be able to look back and remember the car you drove while you were in high school. You can incorporate your car into your photos by leaning against your car, sit in the driver’s seat, or sit on the hood. 


If you love to read or have a favorite book you can incorporate them into your portraits! You can even pose with your senior yearbook. 

Four-legged Friends

Even your pets can be in your senior portraits! Your pets are a huge part of you and are a great way to add something unique to your pictures.


If you love to paint, you can bring a paint pallet or pictures you have created to incorporate into your senior photos.


If you don’t have a specific senior passion or hobby, but still want to incorporate a prop, then balloons will surely make your photos POP! Balloons are a fun way to add color. Whether you pose with them or have them in the background, they are a great way to add something special to your photos. 

Do you have many passions but aren’t sure which one to pick? Incorporate them all! Don’t be shy when it comes to adding your creative spin to your portraits and combine your props.

Your Photos Are Ready to Pop!

Now that you have a few prop ideas, you are ready for your passions to shine in your senior photos! A picture is worth a thousand words, and when you add props, you share your passion in images. Your senior photos should reflect your high school experience and capture your excitement for the next life stage. Allow me to tastefully incorporate your props and make your senior portraits pop!

Senior portraits are a big way to celebrate your senior year!

Come experience a fun-filled senior session with pArt of Life Photography! 

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  1. Brandi

    Great ideas for props for seniors to bring to their senior portrait session!

  2. Jodi Major

    Wonderful ideas for props to help your senior portraits to pop! I love that image with the field in the background and the senior guy with the soccer ball.

  3. Michelle Robertson

    I love your list of props to bring for senior portraits! I feel like props make the seniors more at ease because they’re sharing something they love!


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