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While real estate is enduring the chill of winter I’m busy with adding more services to my Real Estate Photography for Metro Detroit. A couple weeks ago I took my recurrent test for my FAA Part 107 remote pilot certification to use my drone commercially.  It had been two years since my first test so it was time to re-test to stay current.  This year they are moving to on-line recurrent training and no longer requiring in-person recurrent testing but the new standards are not in place and so that I did not have any lapse in certification I needed to take the in-person test.  So I studied and I scheduled my test at DCT Aviation near the Waterford airport.  Whew!  Testing still makes me nervous and the test wasn’t as easy as I thought I still tested fine and renewed my certification.  Even though the test covers a lot more than I’ve ever had to use it is nice to know that content.  Airspace is pretty cool to learn about.

Real Estate photography full line of services

Floor Plans

In addition to offering 360° Virtual Tours I now offer Floor Plans.  These floor plans can also be joined into the hosted 360° Virtual Tours that I offer.  The combination of the virtual tour and the floor plans will be great so much valuable information to buyers.  Sellers will love having this information out there, helping to sell their property even faster.

Floor Plans

Real Estate Photography Metro Detroit

My hosted 360° Virtual Tours are hosted with with a company that is one of only three that has now partnered with so the virtual tours are now linked right on those listings (shown below), as well as on and the MLS listing.  With Zillow home listings with a virtual tour get a red “3D Home” banner instead of just a read dot on the map.

Virtual Tour feature on

Real Estate Photography Metro Detroit

I’d love to talk to you about my real estate photography offerings including interior and exterior images.  My exterior images have blue skies for extra impact and attention.  In addition I offer 360° Virtual Tours and Floor Plans, giving perspective buyers so much more information on the layout of the house, as well as room sizes.  I am an FAA certified drone pilot offering both photography and videography.  These images and videos offer a great perspective of the home or business and surrounding areas.  Many of these offerings are not only great for residential real estate but for commercial spaces as well.  You can show off your retail space, medical office, independent living community, neighborhood amenities, community spaces, such as parks, and so much more.


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  1. Michelle Robertson

    Jeanine, you have so much to offer real estate agents to help improve their listings! I love that you offer the 360 tours and now the floor plans too! Such wonderful information about real estate photography!


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