Head Shots Rochester Michigan

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I received an interesting call this week.  A company in New York City called for Head Shots in Rochester Michigan that matched their existing New York City head shots that are on their website.  Matching a company’s style is for remote workers is a great idea and saves on travel.  The company contact and I walked about what they were looking for.  She thought I would be a good fit after checking out my website.  I was excited and up for the task.  I’m very glad they found me and decided to work with me to fit their needs.  I was put in touch with Michelle, their employee, that lives local here in Rochester Michigan.  We set up a time to have the session, just a few days later.


Head Shots Rochester Michigan

It was great meeting and working with Michelle.  We chatted about the look we were going for with her new head shot.  The New York City head shot backgrounds had a lot of color and glimpses of busy city streets.  The employees stood well distanced from the background so that the backgrounds were muted and not too distracting.  I showed Michelle what we were getting on the back of the camera.  Michelle chose the first image below as her head shot.  She was so excited to having her new headshot being proudly displayed by her new employer.  She had landed this fabulous job straight out of college!  Congratulations Michelle!  I’m excited for you and your future!

head shots rochester michigan

head shots new york city style


Let’s talk about the type of head shot you want for yourself, to make the best first impression.  We can match a corporate style or go for a look that helps define who you are and what type of personality you bring to your clients.  Check out my head shot gallery and contact me today!




  1. Michelle Robertson

    Michelle’s headshots are beautiful! I agree, the first one is definitely my favorite. I love how you caught just a little movement with her hair! And I love how you used this downtown location in Rochester to match New York! It’s perfect!!

  2. Shunta

    Great head shots! I totally agree with the first one. It’s something about the way that her hair is also flowing with the capture that says a lot about the headshot!

  3. Jodi Major

    I love this young lady’s Rochester headshots. So beautiful and professional with an urban flair!


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