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Personal Branding Photography for businesses is a relatively new aspect of visual branding.  Savvy business owners are jumping on board to take their branding to the next level. A personal branding photography session differs from a typical headshot/portrait session in several ways. With head shots, the focus is simply you, usually using photography from the waist up. Headshots are incorporated into business branding photography.  In addition, we delve deep into not just who you are visually, but also telling the story of what you do and why you do it.  We accomplish that with detail shots, lifestyle shots, photos of you in action, you with your products, and more. The possibilities are endless and each session is customized to best reflect the type of business you run and the message you wish to convey about your brand through images.


personal branding photo session rochester michigan


Is a personal branding session right for you? How do you know if you need a personal branding photography session?

You should consider a personal branding session if you:
~ own any kind of business.
~ are the face of your brand and it is important for people to connect with you.
~ wish to take your business to the next level by stepping up your visual branding.
~ want your web and print presence to look fresh, polished and professional.

Personal Branding Photography Sessions show more about who your are!

These sessions are more customized than a head shot session, so there are lots of factors to consider including the location(s), outfits, branding colors your brand messaging, etc. Therefore, our pre-shoot experience will be more involved and in depth in the planning stages. We help you decide how to best translate your brand into images that you can use on social media, your website and in advertising. Each brand is different and each session is personalized.

These sessions also differ from our regular sessions in that we include the digital files. You will end up investing more into this type of session than you would with a headshot session, simply because you’re getting a wider variety of images, and more time spent with planning, consulting, and finally, shooting. With these images the end goal is to help you be more profitable in your business, so think of these images as a true investment in your brand.

realtor personal branding photo session


business branding photography rochester michigan

These images are from ReMax’s Lia LoChirco‘s personal branding photography session in Rochester Michigan.  Lia is thrilled with her new look bring more of her personality to her perspective clients.

Business Branding Photography

Business Branding Photography also may include recurring photography packages.  These additional images are also very valuable to have to boost your business.  These images are periodic images around your place of business based on your needs.  Recurring packages are great to provide content for new social media posts to keep your content fresh and matching your brand!

You can see some examples of head shots and personal branding photographs in our headshot gallery.  Let’s talk and build a custom business branding photography session just for you, or for you and your team!

Check out the Personal Branding Photography Magazine by pArt of Life Photography!


  1. Andrea

    Very informative and helpful post about branding yourself accurately and with savvy. You have done an excellent job of presenting helpful tips for personal branding photography. Thanks for this help!

    • pArt of Life Photography

      Thank you! I love personal branding photography and leaving my clients with great material to work with to grow their business and strengthen their relationships.

  2. Michelle Robertson

    Branding is so incredibly important for all businesses, but especially for small business owners! Helping people connect with you makes a huge difference and you’ve done an excellent job helping this real estate agent showcase her business. I love that you offer recurring sessions! How smart! That way there is always new content for social media and other marketing purposes!

    • pArt of Life Photography

      Thanks Michelle, I agree branding is so important for small business owners! I love helping make a great first impression and helping them maintain a long-lasting positive image with their customers.


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