Tips for choosing a great senior photographer

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I’d love to share some tips for choosing a great senior photographer.  I’d love to be your metro Detroit senior photographer of choice.

Junior year of high school is so full of decisions to be made by both the student and the parent.  How many times should they take the SAT or ACT?  What the heck is FAFSA and do I have to do it?  How many AP classes should I take my Senior year?  How many college tours should I go on?  Which classes are best to start with and transfer from a Community College?  How much should I expect to spend on prom?  Do I have to go to a certain photographer for the yearbook photo? The list goes on…  I’d like to help you with the decision of choosing a senior photographer.  By the way, let’s take care of the yearbook photo question.  I include yearbook photos with my sessions.  Most public schools do not require a certain photographer.  I am able to meet the restrictions for many schools and take care of submitting the image for you.

Tips for choosing a great Senior Photographer

Specialty art products

Are you looking for digital files or a photographer that will work with you through the whole process and provide you with heirloom products that stand the test of time?  I do offer digital file packages so that is covered.  Whew!  And for those of you who want more, my heart is truly in the products that I provide.  Have you purchased a photo session in the past and did you get digital files or products?  If you purchased digital files have you printed them, are they on your walls and you are in love with the products you found or is the disc or usb in a drawer somewhere?  I hope those images are on your wall or in a beautiful, appreciated, album or print box.  Let me walk you through the whole process starting with talking about product options and ending with great products in your hand to treasure.

Senior portrait locations

What kind of places speak to your senior?  Is she a country girl who loves wildflowers?  Does your son love the big city or is he happy to roam his home town?  I spend a lot of spare time checking out new locations so that I have something in mind for each Senior that I meet.  Expect to wander a bit during your session and we’ll find some great new spots together as well.  And don’t worry about posing.  I’ll get you started and fine tune your poses as well.  If your senior has a passion I’d love to incorporate that into their session.  Are they into music, mountain biking, theatre, etc.?   While I’m located in Rochester, I’ve done and am happy do sessions from Plymouth and Northville to Grosse Pointe and beyond.  I love Detroit photo sessions too!  I know so many great spots down there and like I mentioned I’m also searching for fresh, fun spots just for your senior.

detroit senior photo session with skyline


Session Preparation

To get the most out of your senior session preparation is key!  I have a lot of information on what to wear and how to prepare for your session.  Each client gets a client portal which houses all their information.  No need to search through countless emails of look for old texts.  My senior magazine is available to get us started on what to expect.  Then we’ll talk in person (I’ll buy the coffee, iced tea or dessert) or over the phone to start planning the session.  Meeting in person is a great way to see some of the great products I offer and I can’t wait for you to check them out!   You may fall in love with a certain product right from the beginning and we can shoot with that product in mind, or you might not settle on one until later and I’ll be there all the way through to help with those decisions.  You can see some of those fine art products on my website, and I’m in the process of any some great new items as well!

I include yearbook photos with my sessions so we’ll check with your school so that I have their requirements.  I’ve been doing this for years with many different schools so no worries.

After your Photo Session

I love to offer the full service so if you are not ready to be let go with a handful of digital files that you may well not getting around to doing anything with then look for a photographer with a well researched offering of products that fit your needs.  After your session we’ll meet a few weeks later to go through your proofs and I’ll have my sample products with me.  From helping to fill a wall or create a wall collection with other portraits, I’m there to help.  Or maybe you would love an album with a duplicate copy for grandparents or yourself if your senior calls dibs on the first one!  From gift prints (8x10s, 5x7s) to wallets and custom graduation announcements I’m here to help you get just what you want!


Please check out my pArt of Life Photography Senior Magazine.  I’d love to talk to you soon about a fun, personalized senior session made just for your senior!






  1. scott

    Great tips. Always good to let me know what to look for and to expect.

  2. Michelle Robertson

    Such great reminders to find a professional senior portrait photographer! I love that image with the city skyline! Gorgeous!!!

  3. Amy

    Great ideas! I like how neatly you have this laid out and let us know what to expect each step of the way!


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