Rochester High School Senior

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I’m so honored when people find me and choose me to be their senior photographer.  I had the pleasure of meeting Liam’s parents at our pre-session consultation for his Rochester High School Senior Portraits.  We chatted about what kind of session and locations would best fit their son.  I also shared the products that I am so excited about.  After their products are in I’ll add a photo of the great special product that they are excited about, as much as I am.

Rochester High School Senior

For Liam’s session we met up by the Clinton River, where they love to go for walks.  Liam was quickly at ease and has such a great smile.  For town Liam showed off his style and wore a suit, and he wore it well!  He has such a great personality and I have a feeling the Rochester High theater group has a great time with him and I can tell they are in good hands with him as their theater tech guy.  We had such fun, from when the police office rolled up to Liam sharing his signature pose around town.

rochester high school senior pictures at clinton river trail

Rochester High School Senior



Rochester Michigan Fall Senior Portraits

We met up again when Liam received his Varsity jacket.  We totally lucked out with a gorgeous sunny day in November and went to a favorite spot of mine that had a lot of color left.  Who knew the next week it would all be covered in a foot of snow!  Liam rocks a varsity jacket, doesn’t he?!  And we even found a woodland stage so Liam was right at home.  He works behind the scenes on the theater productions for Rochester High School.  I bet they are not happy that he is a Senior.

rochester high school guy with RHS varsity jacket

rochester high school theater tech


rochester high school senior guy at clinton river trail


I look forward to planning a portrait session just for you! Senior year is full of decisions.  Let me lead you through planning your session so you have one less thing to stress about.  I’ll help with clothing choices, locations and more.  I can cover the yearbook requirements and submit the photo for you as well as the composite photo.  Sit back and relax and enjoy your child’s portrait session.  Then relive this high point of their year!  It’s time!  Contact pArt of Life Photography!





  1. Shunta

    These are great. I always love to see a Guy in a suite but being able to get him with his jacket was awesome! It’s always nice to have that part included.

  2. Jodi Major

    Oh, I’d love to hear the story of this Rochester High School Senior getting his picture with a Rochester police officer! Talk about some memories being made!

    • pArt of Life Photography

      It was hilarious when the cop rolled up and wheeled around, and Liam totally rolled with it!!

  3. Michelle Robertson

    What a handsome young man with a gorgeous smile! I bet he loves his senior portraits, these are great!!

  4. Andrea

    It’s so refreshing to see senior photos that show a poised and confident young person. Your posing sure worked to make Liam look his best! Fabulous senior photo session for this lucky family!


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