Rochester Michigan Senior Portraits with music!

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Senior Photography | 7 comments

Evan rocked his Rochester Michigan senior portrait session and not just because he was a natural in front of the camera and has great style but he also brought along an array of instruments that he plays.  Along the Clinton River we had the pleasure of hearing him play!

We started off in downtown Rochester and had some fun along the way.  I strive to make my seniors comfortable and bring them to, or happen along, great spots.  I love the glow of the summer sun here!

downtown rochester Michigan with senior guy


rochester michigan senior portraits

Does he rock the serious face or what?  🙂

male model senior portrait rochester michigan

I especially loved this part of his senior session when the instruments came out.  I need to add a photo of him and his beautiful guitar.  Evan plays the saxophone too.  He is in the Wind Ensemble at Stoney Creek High School in Rochester Hills.  That is the highest level band, by audition only.  This year he is also in Marching Band, an asset for sure.

music by the clinton river with Rochester michigan senior

senior guy with guitar at clinton river in rochester michigan

Evan’s mom and I teased that male modeling could be his back up plan but he really is a great model, if his plans for college don’t work out, but I’m sure they will.  😉

male model in meadow senior portrait

It’s been a great summer and I truly treasure the seniors and their parents that chose me as their photographer.  I’m so honored to capture this exciting time in their life.  I feel a lot of these images capture parts of the younger self as well as the adult they are quickly becoming.  I couldn’t believe how different my son looked after being away at college and I treasure his senior portraits more and more all the time.  I would love to capture your Senior this fall, or even in the Spring of 2020.  Let’s feature what your senior loves!  I love working with people after their session to help them with specialized prints and product that you are sure to love and treasure, so let’s talk soon! Please check out my senior gallery!  When you select Senior Session on my Contact Form you will be sent a link to my Senior Magazine to review.  Thank you!





  1. Dawn

    These are great! I love his expressions and that denim jacket is so vintage. Super cute!

  2. Sierra

    Great work! I really like his outfit for the instrument pictures.

  3. Alexa A Munsee

    As someone who played trumpet in high school I love how you incorporated it into the photo! I also love that you spotlighted a male senior, I feel like I don’t see as many of those.

  4. Brandi

    I love when seniors bring items that show off what they are interested in! Awesome job!

  5. Dessely Cooper

    We really enjoyed working with you! Evan and I had a blast!!!


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