Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

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Ah!  To be a dancer!  I just loved this Dance Photography Rochester Michigan photo session.  Kyra loves ballet and has worked hard to be ready for pre-pointe then pointe ballet classes.  I don’t know how they do the move they do, while up on pointe.  She learned from a rough start on the wrong shoes and is now loving her new Suffolk pointe shoes.  If you are looking for a great filling we recommend Fanci Footworks in Shelby Township.  I think this session with Kyra really shows her passion for dance.  I love the quiet moments when she sat lacing up her shoes.  Now to decide how many of these images will grace her walls.  I think we’ll going with a canvas hanging print.  It has a weathered strip of wood at the top and bottom of the beautiful canvas.  I think the image with her trying her pointe shoes will look spectacular on canvas.  For the rest we are going with specialty silk prints.  I can’t wait!

Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Here is one of the portraits from her dance photography session.  I just love it!

Teen Dance Photography Rochester Michigan

Ballet Shoes of her Dreams!

Aren’t these images so dreamy?  I love the softness.  I hope these inspire many dreams when the print is up on her wall!  I think it will divine as a specialty silk print.

ballet pointe shoes compilation

I just love the feeling in this one.  The more dramatic lighting worked perfectly here.

Teen with ballet pointe shoes


We also did a few images of Kyra in action!  Have I already said that I’m excited that she has these images now to boost her self-confidence and to look back on for years to come?

teen ballet dancer en pointe

dance photography

quiet moment with ballet dancer in pointe shoes


I got a little creative and added a texture to this one.  I loved it so I went back and added that touch to more of the images.  What do you think?  I’d love your comments below.

dramtic teen head shot of dancer

Is it time for a photo session that captures the passion of someone you love?  What is your teen or high school senior into these days?  Dance, sports, books, theater,..  I love the boost in self-confidence that quality portraits and products can give to kids at these ages.  It’s also great to capture this changing time in their lives to look back on forever.  Let’s chat about what you would like to capture and we’ll make a plan together!  The sessions are so much fun and will be great memories themselves. For other sessions see our Teens or Senior Gallery.

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  1. Michelle

    Beautiful pictures!! I can’t imagine being up on my toes like that. What a great time to capture these ballet pictures. Lovely!

  2. Jennifer

    Absolutely beautiful dance studio photography! These portraits of this ballerina are lovely. My favorite image is the one of her tying the shoes.

  3. Jennifer Ti

    Such beautiful dance portraits! I love the look of these in the studio, so much warmth and softness. My favorite is of her tying the slippers. She is a lovely ballerina.

  4. Thomas

    Nice range of images, good lighting technique throughout.

  5. Jessica

    What gorgeous dance photography!

  6. Gina Whalen

    Love the details of the shots. It really shows the emotion.

  7. Reena Giola

    stunning images!! I love the one of her on pointe with the arch in her back….

  8. Michele Maloney

    These are absolutely gorgeous. I am totally blown away!!!

  9. Allison Anderson

    Dancers and so beautiful and so strong! I like that the white of her skirt against the dark background kinda mimics that. Your studio is the perfect place for Rochester Michigan dancers needing beautiful portraits.


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