Rochester Park Teen Snow Photo Session

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We embraced the snow last week-end for a Rochester Park Teen Snow Photo Session!  This session made my hear sing!  Lilly, a Junior at Adams High School in Rochester is just the sweetest girl!  From talking with her she is not just sweet but smart too.  She already delving into a few different AP classes.  On top of all that she is just beautiful with beautiful blue eyes.  She joined me a fun time at the park, right after our big snow storm.  We were lucky to have some more gently falling snow for this portrait session.  Rochester Municipal Park is a great park any day of the year but it was truly magical this day!  Now on the hard part of selecting some favorite images to share with you!

Rochester Adams beautiful girl on the snowy trail

See, I told you she was awesome!!  I love her smile, and those eyes!

Rochester Park Snowy Photo Session

I bet you can’t pick a favorite either!  I like the Squaw Valley they brought along.  It’s a shout-out to when they lived and skied out West.  I’ve had the pleasure of skiing at Squaw Valley as well, but only once.

Rochester Park Teen Snow Photo Session

Ok, the pressure is on, which one of these is your favorite?  See, my job is not all fun and games.  😉  This is tough work!

Let me know your favorites in the Comment section below.  Thanks!

Adams High school fun in the snow at Rochester Park

There might still be time this year for your Rochester Park Teen Snow Photo Session.  If not, there’s always next year!

Let’s plan a session to include your favorite things; your favorite season, or sport, your favorite spot to chill or one that shows what you do for fun!  Are you a hometown person, or more into the look and feel of a big city?  Want to have a friend join in for part of your senior session?  Let’s come up with the perfect look for your senior session.  It’s a great time of life to capture forever!  And for more inspiration and tips on a Teen session check out the pArt of Life Photography Senior Magazine.

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  1. Denise Baum

    This is so much fun! If I HAD to choose…I guess I would go with the first one where she is throwing the snow. You sure are a talented photographer!

  2. Jennifer Curran

    I love these photos of Lilly! She is a beautiful girl and the snow falling all around her is so pretty! My absolute favorite is the very top photo but I love them all!

  3. Michele Richards

    Love the first one and the last one. All were fantastic shots! Lilly is a beautiful young woman!

  4. Gina Rolfs

    Lillly is beautiful in all of them!!! My favorites are the one with her hood on, the one where she is laughing and the first one with her hands up in the air.

  5. Kay

    I like the first one and the third one. Beautiful girl

  6. Elizabeth Schnelzer

    My favorite is ….Lilly!!! But if I have to choose, the first one because it captures her beauty and brilliant mind eyes and the second to last because it captures her joyful spirit. Also love the one of her leaning against the tree #5.

  7. Vicki Jefferson

    Lilly is beautiful inside and out! You have caught that beauty in these wonderful pictures! My favorite is all of them!! If I had to pick just one it would be the one with her throwing the snow.


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