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I’m am so excited to offer my clients my new photography client portal with Dubsado!  This is a place just for you.

First of all it’s super easy to get to your client portal.  It is found at the top of the list under Client Lounge on the main menu on my website.  So all you need to remember is pArt of Life Photography.


Client portal menu option


Are you tired of searching through emails for this bit of information or the other? Me too!  Let me know show you around a bit…  You will login in with your email address and provided password.  You can click on Documents to see your forms and questionnaires. Forms will include information such as session reparation tips or how to prepare for your ordering session.  The third tab has a copy of all our emails.  How handy is that?  From the highlighted banners you can see my business contact information so it’s always easy to get to, no hunting around for the last email. You will also see a list of unread emails, incomplete forms or open invoices in the second row.  You can visit the portal when we schedule your session and re-visit any time you want through the whole process.  The portal is full of information and it helps me stay on top of everything.  It allows me to share more information with you in an organized way and not leave any (many 😉 ) over-looked details.


Client portal by pArt of Life Photography brings all session info to your finger tips


Let me know if you have any questions about your client portal.  The client portal has helped me immensely to better serve my clients.  I can’t imagine running my business without it.  On the back-end Dubsado helps me organize my workflow and in turn help my clients with better organization which saves time for both of us. I hope you love it too!

If you are a photographer or other small to mid-sized business owner feel free to ask me more about Dubsado.  They offer a free trial, or if you sign up from this link you will get 20% off Dubsado subscriptions.


  1. Annette

    Wow! What a great service for your clients. Love using this client portal.


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