Detroit Senior Portrait Session

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Gotta love a fun Detroit Senior Portrait Session!  The city has so much vibrant color and personality that it’s a great place for a Senior Portrait Session!  This gorgeous evening in July did not disappoint.  We started out at a parking garage.  Who knew they could be so picturesque?  I did ;).

I’m loving Detroit’s comeback.  Over the year’s I’ve spent a lot of time in Detroit and have always loved it.  It’s so great to go back and enjoy the expanded, vibrant areas.  I take my kids down there often so they can enjoy the city life as well.  Two years in advance Logan told me he wanted his senior portraits to be in Detroit and I’ve been looking forward to it, but not rushing it, ever since.

First of all, we walked around and checked out The Belt.  That is the awesome alley that runs along side The Z Garage.  When you are down there make sure you check out Campus Martius as it’s a great, lively area.  I look forward to checking out the new Beacon Park that is opening near DTE.


best detroit senior photographer

Colorful, lively Detroit!


I love all the angles and lines in these.  They are perfect for en engineering guy, like Logan.

Detroit Senior Photo Session


rochester michigan senior photographer


While we were downtown we checked out this rooftop.  So many great views from up there.  Most of all we enjoyed the view from the top.  I just love these Shepard Fairey murals, so cool!  Have you been around Detroit to see them all?  You can see quite a few from and around The Z Garage.

artsy detroit senior photo session


I’ve gotta call this one, On Top of Detroit!

detroit rooftop senior photosdetroit senior portraits


Where would you love your senior session to be?   Let’s join up for an adventure!  Contact pArt of Life Photography for your senior session today!  Summer flies by so let’s make a plan soon.  Is it time for your beach senior photo session?  Or maybe you prefer nature, suburban or urban senior photo session.  I’m game!  Next, Logan is going to Detroit for the rest of his senior session.  Here are some other images from pArt of Life Photography Senior Photo Sessions.

If you could go anywhere in the world for your senior session where would you go and why?  Comment below.  While you’re at it I’d also love to hear which is your favorite image from this session.






  1. Kathleen Sadler

    These are great! I’ve never been to Detroit but it looks so vibrant.

  2. Ashley

    I love the “on top of Detroit” photo! Awesome job! 

  3. Sara

    Great shots!! 

  4. Suzie

    Great urban session with beautiful city scenery.  Great images!

  5. Tamara Gavish

    Wow! I wish I had a session like this for my senior year!

  6. Giuliano

    well done, nice portraits. Just my idea, I would have done also few pics while walking or doing somehting ^_^ just my 2 cents.

  7. Malgorzata

    Great job! Love the pictures!

  8. Karena

    Wow! These are amazing! I love your work!

  9. Brenda

    Looks like a great place to explore!  Love the colors of the natural “backdrops” you selected!

  10. Zarah

    These are great!

  11. Karidan Chapman

    great job!! LOVE the top of detroit shot! 

  12. jen

    Wow, you did an incredible job! I especially LOVE the one at the end showcasing all the buildings. Great images! 


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