Detroit photo session

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WOW!  What fun it was at this Detroit Photo Session!  Jenny and Thomas were awesome as we toured around Detroit.  They are such a fun and cute couple.  This shoot came together thanks to my friend Michele, of Michele Maloney Photography.  Jenny is Michele’s hairstylist and she volunteered for a photo session so we could try out some new locations and lighting.  Thanks Michele, Jenny and Tom!  You guys all seriously rock!

We started off in Eastern Market.  I just love the history and the architecture there, from the old brick to the refurbished market sheds and the murals.  Oh my, the murals!  I just love the energy here, even when it’s not buzzing with the hustle of the markets.

Eastern Market pArt of Life Photography

Eastern Market – Detroit!

detroit photo session

After Eastern Market, we went over to the Dequindre Cut, right near by.  I love how they have made this accessible for people to enjoy while walking or on wheels.  From the areas I’ve seen it’s great with cool benches, nice stone work.  I know it’s not great in all areas but I appreciate how far it’s come in the stretches that have been improved so far.

dequindre cut couples photo session

Dequindre Cut – couples photo session

We had to finish off the evening with a cherry on top!  Taking in the city scenes, making new memories and rooftop dancing under a gorgeous Detroit sunset!

Z Garage Rooftop dancingZ Garage Rooftop dancing


Z Garage Rooftop dancing


I’m so glad the last shot came together.  I’ve been wanting to shoot more off-camera flash here and the sunset was just divine.  I think this last image needs to be printed on a vivid metal print.  Don’t you agree?  This is also where I photographed my Detroit family photo session last summer.

Who’s ready for their Detroit photo session?  There are so many great places to explore from Eastern Market to the Riverwalk.  Detroit is making it’s big comeback.  Come check out the sites during your own Detroit photo session.  There are so many great backdrops for couples, families and high school senior photo sessions.  Make the city yours for a night.










  1. Annie

    Just beautiful! Love the colors 

  2. Heather

    Love all the beautiful colors in this session!  Gorgeous couples session!

  3. Alexa

    These are gorgeous! The couple looks so sweet + I love the variety of outfits/locations! 

  4. Melissa A

    beautiful photographs! I love the mix of images 🙂


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