Rochester Twins Photo Session

by | Oct 18, 2015 | Family Photography | 11 comments

Last week I meet up with these adorable twins from Lake Orion for their Twins / Family Photo Session in Rochester.  McKenna and Morgan were so cute!  We had a little adventure together and stopped to take some photos along the way.  We held hands, we marched, we even looked for elephants!  We loved exploring this beautiful location in northern Rochester on such a gorgeous fall day.  They took turns being cute on the porch of the old farmhouse!  I love capturing moments for a family to look back on for generations to come!


Rochester Twins Photo Session

McKenna and Morgan – super twin cuteness!


Such a beautiful family!  We all loved this beautiful fall day in Rochester!

Twins Lake Orion Photo Session

Beautiful family on a beautiful fall day!



  1. Diane Bartoo

    These are beautifully captured images of mommy and daddy and their little treasures. These Rochester twins could not be any more cute, and I love their little country girl outfits, they fit so perfectly for this session in the fall!

  2. Maria Manjelo

    VEry cute kids. They look adorable with those glasses. Loving your photographs.

  3. Corey

    These twins are absolutely adorable and I love their coordinating outfits! Beautiful family photo with Mom and Dad!

  4. Michelle Flowers

    These are the cutest little Rochester twins ever!! I love the location chosen for this session. I loved it when you mentioned the twins were marching and looking for elephants, this sounds like so much fun for these two!!

  5. Jenny Storment

    OMG these twins are the cutest I love that they even have matching glasses. I love that you helped them look for elephants. What a couple of cutie pies.

  6. Dawn

    Oh my goodness, how cute are these twins? I love how their outfits matched and even had matching glasses of pink and blue. It definitely was a beautiful fall day for that family session!

  7. Esther

    What an adorable little family! And such a gorgeous location in Rochester! – The field behind them in the family portrait is the perfect place for a photo shoot!

  8. Samantha

    What an adorable twin portrait session! This lovely family must have been so excited to find such a fabulous photographer in Rochester. I love that the twins wardrobes compliment one another verses being identical. It really brings to the forefront how beautifully different they are even though they are twins. Gorgeous family portrait session!

  9. Allison Anderson

    What a sweet pair of twin girls! They have the best poses for being so young! I think the Rochester location you used suits these twins perfectly and their family perfectly.

  10. Christine d

    Such an adorable twin and family portrait session! These two look like they had fun and were the perfect models. And that beautiful family photo with that gorgeous light…love it!

  11. Effie L.

    OMG how adorable are they!?!?
    Gorgeous family and gorgeous twins!

    Love this family session! Rochester has some beautiful colours this time of year!!


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