Teen head shots ~ Rochester Michigan

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For Lia’s teen head shots we walked around downtown Rochester for her photo shoot.  This teen has talent beyond her years, and oh boy is she gorgeous!  She is a beautiful singer and songwriter with a beautiful personality to match!  She also plays the guitar and ukulele.  Her ukulele is so cute and unique, just like her!  I can’t believe how much she has changed since last year’s session.  This young lady is going places, to be sure!  I’m so glad she chose pArt of Life Photography for her head shot needs.


teen head shots

beautiful Lia


teen actor head shots

Such a beauty!


teen singer headshot

teen head shot


Fun is incorporated in all our photo sessions!  Gotta love her fun pose that she rocked out!

teen actor model photo session

Style and silly out-takes! Fun in downtown Rochester!


We spent part of the photo session highlight Lia’s love for music!  You really need to check out this beautiful singer/songwriter in person when you have a chance!

teen album cover Lia Catallo

Sweet music in the sunlight!


Whatever your head shot needs are, pArt of Life Photography can help you out.  If you need head shots; whether business head shots, actor head shots, musician head shots, artist head shots or anything else give pArt of Life Photography a call.  Studio and outdoor sessions available!  Please check out the head shot gallery for more samples!

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  1. Ashley Durham

    So beautiful! She looks like a young Sophia Bush!

  2. Audrey

    She is gorgeous!! Love the last one of her playing music!

  3. Diane Bartoo

    Lovely head shots of this beautiful young lady. This a great session! I really loved how you brought out her beauty and personality within these photographs. Her love and passion for music really shines through in these last photos.

  4. Megan

    This Rochester Michigan headshot photography session is GORGEOUS! Very well done, i’m sure this beautiful girl is over-the-moon happy with these images!

  5. Allison Anderson

    I always wished I had dimples! She is a stunning young woman and you managed to capture both professional and fun head shots for her! I have friends near Rochester, Michigan and I will pass along Part of Life Photography to them when they need to update their head shots.

  6. Heather

    Absolutely beautiful session!

  7. Donna

    These are amazing, you can really see her personality shine through!

  8. Brenden

    Holy Smokes! What a gorgeous girl! The headshot are perfect, and its so great you did some with her ukulele. I wish there was a video of this so we could hear her play in this beautiful light!

  9. Beth

    What a beautiful girl! Love that she plays the uke, so cool. Her headshots in the army green jacket are so flattering, beautiful work!

  10. Julianne

    These teen head shots are so beautiful and unique! I love that you really incorporated things that make her special in her photos. And I especially love that sass she’s showing with her hand on her hip and the other in the air, lol! It looks like you had a blast taking these photos around Rochester!

  11. Alison

    Gorgeous!! Beautiful shots!

  12. Stephanie

    These senior head shots are absolutely gorgeous and so unique. You are so good at showing your subjects’ personalities in your images. <3


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