Oakland Township cake smash session

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Family Photography | 13 comments

So thrilled to share in some of the excitement on Ellie’s First Birthday with her cake smash session!  I love it when little ones come to visit the studio.  Ellie’s mom and I also get to share some memories of that day almost a year ago when Ellie first visited for her newborn photo session.  In case you missed it last year here is Ellie’s newborn photo session.

I’m not sure what I love most about cake smash sessions, capturing the details in their faces, fingers and toes, or maybe it’s that baby fine hair, adorable curls in Ellie’s case.  All that cuteness tipped in frosting for a little while!  One thing I know for sure the expressions that we watch and capture during the cake smash session really take the cake!  See for yourself!

First Birthday Cake Smash Photo Session ~ Oakland Township photographer

First Birthday Cake Smash Session!

Cake Smash Photo Session ~ Oakland Township Photographer

Cake Smash Photo Session for 1st birthday!


I can’t pick my favorite but I do love her lashes and curls in this image!  Ooh, and the sweet little fingers covered in frosting!

Cake Smash finish to Baby Plan photo sessions with pArt of Life Photography

Those lashes, those curls!!!

Love the great smile in this one!  She looks rather proud of herself!

cake smash pArt of life photography

Tickled Pink in yummy cake at her Cake Smash session


Cake Smash sessions are offered near your little one’s 1st birthday.  They are also part of pArt of Life Photography’s ‘baby plan’ or ‘grow with me’ photo sessions covering your little one’s precious first year!



  1. Jen

    What a perfect day to mark Ellie’s first birthday! So much fun to watch and amazing to have these fantastic photos to mark her special day! Thank you Jeanine! Part of Life Photography rocks!

  2. Cari

    Cute cake smash photos!

  3. Dawn

    What a little darling! Her cake smash session looks like it was a lot of fun!

  4. Michele

    Oh my word! This little girl is adorable. Jeanine, you captured everything that is wonderful about a birthday! These will be cherished forever. Oakland Township folks should be booking their stuff now!

  5. Dara

    What an adorable Oakland Township cake smash first birthday session, she is darling

  6. lcstam@hotmail.com

    Cake smash sessions are AWESOME!! Especially with cute little girls (or boys) Here tutu, is adorable! Fantastic photos!

  7. Corey

    What a fun cake smash session! She is adorable and it looks like she loved her cake!

  8. ashley eiban

    oh my goodness! she is THE cutest! What a fun cake smash session!!

  9. lori

    I’m in love with these photos. Seriously, you are the best Oakland Township Photographer ever!

  10. Christine D

    This sweet little girl dug into her first birthday cake! Such a fun cake smash session when they do that! That makes for great photos. I love the image of her precious curls too. It is so fun to watch babies grow from belly to newborn to toddler through your lens. Next thing you know you will be shooting her senior portrait session!

  11. Christine

    Cute cake smash session! My mom said the first time I tasted sugar is my birthday cake when I turned 1!

  12. Jennifer

    Part of life Photography, this cake smash is amazing! I love the pink backdrop and all the smiles from this little lady!

  13. julie

    Oh my! Love all this cuteness! Great cake smash / first birthday session!


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