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Life on the Rocks, macro nature photography in Michigan’s upper peninsula.  I missed a couple months in the Life by Lens blog circle that I participate in.  My awesome photographer friends have not given up on me so I’m back!  These posts are a chance for me to try new things and showcase some of my personal work.  This summer I spent a week in the north west corner of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of Michigan.  Sure I love the lower peninsula, especially the northern part, but I do have a special place in my heart for the upper peninsula, especially the Keweenaw peninsula.  I lived in the UP for five years when I attended Michigan Tech.  For a few years I returned once or twice – it’s a long drive dontchaknow!  But over the past four years I’ve just had to go back every year.  This year we spent a week on Lake Superior in a ‘suburb’ of Eagle Harbor.  It was divine!  I’ve always loved the rocky dramatic shore here and it was great to really spent some time here.  I had the idea to go out with my macro lens and capture ‘life on the rocks’ to show just how many living things have overcome the elements to survive on these rocks.  If you know the UP you know the elements can be extreme, from wind, to frigid cold and an abundance of snow!   Of course after scanning the water all week for loons, and spotting a couple at the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, I was startled by the call of a loon behind me as I was out photographing the rocks one morning.  Pretty ironic, when it was the only morning I wasn’t out checking the water.  I’ve got so many more images to edit from my trip so you’re in luck – I’ll be sharing more soon!  If you want to see more now I’ve added a Keweenaw gallery to the Nature page on my website…  Michigan Upper Peninsula nature photography.

And please visit my friend Nghi of Nghi Le Photography, who is next up in the Life by Lens blog circle!

upper peninsula nature photography

Awesome strength and textures on the rocky shoreline of Lake Superior

macro photography in michigan's upper peninsula

Some of the finer things that grow in the upper peninsula

Keweenaw Peninsula macro nature photography

Nature with determination in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula


Every evening of the week we were treated to a new variety of sunset.  I will be sharing many more of them but one will have to suffice for now!  Maybe you should subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out!  This image will be looked at daily for the next couple years since I jsut ordered a phone cover with this image.  This image was taken with a Canon 8mm-15mm L fisheye lens.  Update: some more Keweenaw landscape photos are up in the second gallery on Nature page.   Michigan Upper Peninsula Nature Photography

Lake Superior sunset photography

Lake Superior Sunset, in all it’s glory!

Thanks for looking!  I’d love for you to share your comments if you have a minute.  If you haven’t explored Michigan and the UP let me know if you have any questions.



  1. sally

    AAAH, I’ve always loved how you photograph nature and scenery so beautifully. Makes me *almost* like Michigan. 😉 That last one, just STUNNING.


      I’m going to keep working on you until you like Michigan, to visit! lol! I wish you had been to more of places that make me love it! Thanks for your compliments on my landscape photography!

  2. JoAnna

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t know Michigan was so beautiful! These are gorgeous, Jeanine! Beautiful work, especially that sunset!


      Joanna, you need to see more of Michigan! Good thing I have a whole nature gallery on my website! Thanks for your great comments on my images! I do love to do landscape phtoography!

  3. Reena

    Stunning photos Jeanine! The upper UP is a place not many get to visit (I know I never did) so I am glad you are sharing your person work with us. That sunset is just stunning…wow! (it is a rival for my Arizona ones) I love those flower macros…so pretty!

  4. Lemmon

    You are a truly talented landscape photographer Jeanine! I love all these pictures… makes me want to take the girls on trip up North this weekend! LOL!

    And, I agree. That last shot is truly STUNNING!! <3<3<3

  5. michelle

    gorgeous photos, looks like a beautiful place to take nature photos!

  6. Esther Edith galleries

    Beautiful images! I especially love that last one with the sunset. So pretty!

  7. Nghi

    These photos are just so awesome Jeanine!! Love!! The sunset photo is perfection!


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