Life by Lens ~ Play Ball!

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Family Photography | 8 comments

Play Ball!  This month in the Life by Lens Project I’m sharing some images of my son and his love for baseball.  He looks so old in his uniform this year.  No more little boy, sniff sniff!  This year he played Juniors in Little League so they now have names on their jerseys.  We’re in the big time now.  Ok, not really!  Spring season is over for us.  I wonder what’s next…  He dreams of being on the high school team next year but I know the competition is strong so we’ll see.  I’m glad I’ll have these baseball photos to remember this time before he gets even older on me!


Play Ball! Baseball time in Michigan!

Baseball images by

All things baseball!


Please go check out  Joanna Robbin’s Photography and her Life by Lens post for the month!  I’ll be back next month, hopefully with great images from some fun in northern Michigan.  Happy Summer!


  1. Reena

    wow, these are fantastic Jeanine!! You did a great job capturing different action shots (as well details) during the game! I love the one where is he looking at you through the group of players.

  2. Nghi

    I just love these photos Jeanine! The first action shot is perfect! Maybe sports photography is in your future?! 🙂

  3. JoAnna

    So fun! Love these, Jeanine. They’re great!

  4. Lemmon

    Awesome Jeanine!! These are really cool, really fun photographs. I’ve tried, and tried, and tried to take good actions shots, but it’s always a complete failure. You need to to teach me your ways!

    Great work!!<3

  5. Laura

    I love these Jeanine! Are these shot with the 70-200? It’s on my list for many reasons but I would love to capture some great baseball shots like this of my kiddo!


      Yes, I used the 70-200. I just love it!! Thanks for you comment on my post!

  6. sally

    LOVE these, Jeanine! Love how you’ve captured the great American pastime so well, love the vibrance and the motion.

  7. Sara

    Great shots! I miss spring baseball in Michigan. (It’s a summer sport in Iowa.)


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