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by | Feb 12, 2014 | Fine Art Photography | 3 comments

It was -9 this morning when I took my boys to the bus stop.  My brain wasn’t clicking yet but it wasn’t long until I started thinking that it might be the last good morning for frozen bubbles.  Heading out into the bitter cold (for the second time) is one way to wake up in the morning.  I grabbed my bubble solution and my macro lens.  I just got it, but boy I’m giving that lens a workout!  I have the 100mm 2.8 IS L by Canon so it’s great for portraits as well as objects.  Time for some more macro photography!

My first trip out was comical.  First I tried blowing bubbles with my shutter finger – not advisable as it leads to a sticky camera.  I tossed my last glove to blow bubbles with my left hand and in my rush to shoot I’d drop the bubble wand into the deep snow.  Luckily it would leave a trail of blue bubble solution.  The bubbles worked great today so I was glad after my first few attempts failed.  I knew I did not have a full recipe for success though as the sun was blocked by clouds so my images lacked a lot of lustre.  I was on the phone an hour later and noticed the sun was shining and the snow was sparkling.  Time to head out again.  This time the bubbles would bust when they met the snow.  I did get some shots of the bubbles floating away though.  I was glad to see my bubbles from earlier were still there basking in the sun!  Yes, these things do excite me!!  Now that I captured snow and a few great snowflakes and bubbles Winter now has my permission to leave Michigan.  Have you seen my snowflake macro photo at the end of my snow blog post?  I’m ready for Spring photo sessions!  Of course snow portrait and studio sessions are still great until Spring makes its way here.

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frozen bubblefrozen bubble frozen bubble frozen bubble bubble in snowfrozen bubble

 macro photography bubble


  1. Reena

    well my goodness these are fantastic! I love the glistening snow one the best I think but really they are just wonderful. I’ll be nice though and not tell you how warm it is here! 🙂

  2. Theresa piper

    I love them! great job and a new idea love them all thanks for stepping out side the box.

  3. annette

    awesome! love these!


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