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by | Jan 10, 2014 | Fine Art Photography | 17 comments

It’s the 10th of January, 2014!  I’m participating in a few new photography projects this year.  On the 10th of the month I’ll post 10 photos and share a link to a fellow photographer’s blog as well.  This month my theme is snow.  It’s kind of hard to ignore when you are surrounded by it.  Luckily I like snow, except in March and April!  But for now bring it on!  I was shooting with my new Canon macro lens.  I’ve got a lot of learning to do with this lens.  In addition to portrait photography I really enjoy nature photography so I hope you’ll indulge me in some shares with subjects other than people.  You can see more of my nature photography here.  I still have a lot more of my landscape photography to add there, including some snow Lake Michigan shoreline images.  I hope you enjoy your view today.  I’d love to hear your comments.

I replaced the last macro shot with one I took today.  I’m getting better at it!!


snowflake macro by pArt of Life Photography LLC

Snowflake macro photography

Here is a link to Faith Doggett’s awesome bubble photos.


  1. Faith

    Beautiful job Jeanine!! Love the picture of the deck with the snow falling. Really glad it’s you with all of that snow, and not me!

  2. Karla

    Gorgeous! I love them all but especially the lone snowflake!

  3. Lemmon

    So pretty Jeanine! I just love that last shot! Awesomeness.

    Which macro did you get??


      Stephanie, Thanks for the comment. I bought the 100L 2.8 IS. I’ve go a lot of learning to do!! I thought macro shooting would be pretty much the same but it’s rather different when you are going for a really tight close up. For portraits it’s the same though.

  4. Heather

    Beautiful! I love snow too! 🙂

  5. Valena David

    Awesome images. My favorite was the tiny snowflake at the end.

  6. LeolaK

    These are gorgeous Jeanine! Makes snow look inviting (until you have to drive in it). That last one is pretty darn sweet!!!

  7. Reena

    gorgeous Jeanine!! I love snow pictures! have fun with the macro lens!

  8. Kate P

    Beatiful! The first and the last are my favorites, although I also like how you captured the falling snow in the fifth picture.

  9. Christy Woods

    Why hello fellow Michigander! This weather has been something else lately! Beautiful shots! I always love a good snow shot and macro is among my favorite style of shooting!

  10. laura

    Very nice snow images!

  11. Emily Knitter

    Jeanine these are beautiful photographs! I am not a cold weather fan myself, but I do love looking at images of it! ;D

  12. Talita

    Super Jealous of your snow 10! Been dying to photograph snow and we have yet to get any. These are great and I really enjoyed them. Cant wait to see your next 10 🙂

  13. Wendy Hulse

    Lovely set of snowy goodness! Especially enjoyed the opening shot, and the falling snow on the back deck.

  14. Nicole Cashen

    These are great! I need to practice with my macro more too, but I don’t like to be cold 😉

  15. sally

    How beautiful, Jeanine!! You *almost* make me miss the snow!!! so beautiful!



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