Couldn’t resist sharing… ~ Rochester, MI newborn photographer

by | Nov 7, 2011 | Family Photography | 2 comments

I’m letting Hadley take cuts in line. How could I resist such sweetness. I think I need to bend the rules and share newborns even if it’s not their turn for editing. I just HAD to edit one! I’m so glad my photo-friend came over to indulge in a little studio time with her newest baby girl – Hadley Grace! We had such fun coming up with different set-ups in the studio, with so many goodies to choose from. I loved holding little Hadley as much as I had fun behind the camera. She was so tiny and so sweet. She was all swaddled up and snoozed on me for a while – so peaceful. Ok, I could gush about her for a long time but I better get on to sharing.


  1. JoAnne

    Sounds like Kyra needs a little sister!

    • partoflifephoto

      I get my baby fix through photo sessions and that has to be enough for me and for Kyra – unless you are offering yourself as a free nanny!


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