Real Estate Photography checklist

Professional photographs are shown to lead to more viewings and even higher sales prices.  Create the best first impression and maintain a positive vision in your buyers’ minds all through the purchasing process.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your house for photographs and your up-coming showings.

Turn on overhead lights and lamps.  Turn off ceiling fans.  Replace burned out bulbs

Open blinds so they are even and level with the others in adjacent windows.

Vacuum, dust and clean windows & walls as needed.

Store remote controls and move excess cords out of site.

Neaten home office of clutter and store loose papers.

Remove door mats, kitchen mats and bath mats/rugs.

Kids rooms should not have names displayed, since address is posted.

Remove toys and clutter, neaten shelves.

Pets:  Be sure that pets are contained in an area that will not be photographed such as garage or utility room.  Remove any signs of pets (crates, food bowls, litter box, etc.)

Cars: park in garage with door shut or down the street to remain out of view

Garbage cans and hoses should be stored in garage

Landscaping: mow lawn, remove weeds, dead plants, bushes and branches.  Sweep porch, walkways, decks, etc.  Cover older grills, or remove.

Clear countertops and clean cabinet doors.  Essential items may remain.

Remove magnets, etc. and clean appliance doors

Remove items from showers/tubs.  Remove scales, toilet brush from floor

Clean off counter tops, clean mirrors and close the lids to all toilets.

Hang fresh matching towels


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