Indoor studio is here!

I finally took the leap and set up a photo studio in my house. Come rain or shine, or cold or whatever else Michigan throws at us I can offer you a photo session. If we are not up for the elements come on over and sit in comfort during your photo session. While I prefer outdoor setting and natural light that is not always an option. I have a multitude of studio set-ups waiting for families, children and newborns. I’m adding fresh things all the time so come on over! We’ll make the session unique to you and you’ll have a great time. I look forward to capturing a part of your life, a moment to cherished, a special connection, a forever memory…

What else do you have that raises in value the longer you have it? Think about it and book a photo session. Hope to see you soon!

Welcome to the pArt of Life Photography blog!  This is a place for my musings (once in a while they can be entertaining, I promise!) and my latest sessions.  I’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment under a post or two!

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