I’m famous! by first name only but it’s a start…

I’ve been writing guest blog entries for MCP Actions since this summer. I’ve always been a big fan of MCP. She shares many great photography tutorials by herself and professionals from around the world, in addition to her actions and on-line courses. I’m often searching back through her blog for articles that refer to what I’m working on at present. I often myself linking her articles to friends and in forum posts. Now I’m writing posts that include links to relating articles for 14,000 of my closest friends. Check out this compilation post on Senior Photography.

Here’s one on my favorite photos from my favorite Senior session.

um, make that two favorites (it’s so hard to narrow it down)

Welcome to the pArt of Life Photography blog!  This is a place for my musings (once in a while they can be entertaining, I promise!) and my latest sessions.  I’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment under a post or two!

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