I met a photo-hero last night!!

I went to the kick-off for the Detroit SmugMug group last night and was so inspired by Dawn McCarthy of Dawn McCarthy Photography. She was so witty and informational. I loved every minute of it. She is a ‘fantastical’ wedding photographer but a lot of her info easily transferred to all aspects of photography. Dawn has a great blog (http://www.dawnmccarthyblog.com/) and even shares many video clips of herself. I realized I’ve been too quiet on my blog and want to share more of myself and my love for photography in hopes that you may choose me as your photographer…

I’ve been studying photography for years and am now ready to put myself out there and capture moments in your life. In my studies of all things photography, I came across MCP Actions blog and am now a regular guest blogger for her. She has over 13,000 readers and it grows daily. Jodi lives in SE Michigan so it’s especially cool to be working with her. We share the same love for northern Michigan. Anyway, here is my latest post. I write compilation posts – gathering links to previous articles and tying all together and even try to throw in a bit of myself. http://www.mcpactions.com/blog/2010/08/26/senior-photography-tips-and-tricks-on-posing-locations-and-more/

I also enjoyed the opportunity to talk with some fellow Michigan photographers as I never tire of talking about it. I encouraged a few to try Lightroom but didn’t share my joke about having an ‘I heart LR’ tattoo. I didn’t want to scare any one off!

Welcome to the pArt of Life Photography blog!  This is a place for my musings (once in a while they can be entertaining, I promise!) and my latest sessions.  I’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment under a post or two!

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